What Mobile games are you currently playing besides RTS?

I’ve been playing Pokemon Masters and COD Mobile. Any decent ones y’all have found?

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Im metal slug atack and clash of clans


Cod mobile

I’m going to start playing whatever tapjoy ads direct me to. That’ll learn them to make me watch 3 ads a day for one poxy token.

School of chaos, Hotel empire tycoon.

Marvel Strike Force, Disney Heroes and Magic Rush. RPG games adict here…

Cod mobile, tbh tho mobile gaming is shit, all p2w gambling rng crap, i rather soend my money on a really good single player game or any game on pc than buy a chance of something on mobile

Black Desert Mobile. Very F2P friendly, new regions so not as many whales in EU/US regions.

Raid Shadow Legends and TWD No Mans Land. I also dl AFK Arena for a tapjoy offer and actually was pretty fun.

FanDuel Sportsbook

It’s really addictive but I’m plus $60 right now

Dc legends , cod mobile and even star wars heroes

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Summoners war. But all these f2p games are expensive as well I’ve decided to play planet zoo on my laptop lol

Project XCloud. fu*k these trash mobile games you can play real games on your phone with XCloud

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, I play more console games than I do mobile.

How nice is that Shadow Legends ad revenue?

GoG. Took place of TWD.

COD mobile, J2ME emulator with ROMs of cellphone games, Walking Dead: No Man’s Land and more.

Night of the full moon - Roguelike card game

Dragon Ball Legends - Heaven for F2P imo, easy to grind to summon characters, decent summon rates, decent daily logins and they really acknowledged issues, and sent currency as compensation, not like the Scopely thieves :slight_smile:

Agreed clash of clans has been my favourite for a long time that’s the main reason why I enjoyed this game. Another game that is fun to mess around on is pixel guns 3D