What missions do you find exhaust pipes?

where to find? What missions lmao

Premium roadmap you can buy the e for it in the shop

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Next time try: https://forums.scopely.com/search

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If you actually write a proper headline you don’t have to add the stupid “15 char”.


I never asked for your opinion.

Erm these are the forums. I can ask if I want and expect to get a polite answer.

Yes but it is forum etiquette to see if there is already an existing, open thread on the subject and take enquiries to there. Instead of creating several splinter threads on the same issue

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What, you expect someone to come here and search for the problem to see if it already exists AND accurately title their thread for the benefit of the community?

That sounds like madness to me…


Umm help lol

That’s quite a lot to ask for.


This dude…

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You asked for help,he’s helping you make a title correctly

^ fixed it for you, next time try searching before you post

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Small suggestion:
Thread titles should indicate what topic is covered in the thread. People will much more likely click on it and help if they know what they’ll get into.

I changed the title from ‘Umm help lol 15 char’ to ‘Where to find exhaust pipes?’

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Yeah,no this is the third post at least,he needs to learn how to use the search bar.

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Don’t assume what gender I am. Ask me before you jump right in and say “He” and i know how to use the forums :^/ get off my thread

Get it right, im not a “dUdE” :^/

If you dont like it then dont stay here. Simple

Welp thanks I guess. I just could be bothered tbh lol