What makes rts players quit?

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I don’t think so dude kalishane motivated me to play rts everyday

Nice one :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Jus check all update to the game since December to now and events they made
They killed game chat !!!
90% from event they made need spend to complete
Rank reward
Alot of level up and no gear
Then u asking why ppl quit game
U give more than take
Dam noobs at end


I think the main issue is the lack of exciting rewards. This problem has existed, apart from some short spells, from the day the game was created. It is hard to get yourself and teammates motivated for prizes such as trainers, gear or tokens. There is nothing exciting about that. However, anyone remember when Lester was the reward in AOW or revive Siddiq in SLUT? That created excitement.


There’s a lot of things that could lead me to quit, but one of them is a simple question.

What’s reputation for? Why would you struggle that much over nothing?

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I hated rep. It’s the most useless part of the game, besides onslaught and territories haha.

I know heaps of players that are low rep but wicked asf teams.


Oh! High five

Every scopely action now…

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Game is stale, rewards are crap, and every update breaks the game a little bit more or adds things no one wants (chatbot).


Some quit because lack of change some quit because of change

Yea too much damn lvl ups and they look to give out ascendance medals in small quantities like 5 10 15 like wtf. I been short for 2 weeks and I’m 30 ascendance medals away from another 6* which is gonna take another 6 days

I don’t think it’s about the frequency. of level ups or other tourneys. If each level up gave a guaranteed ascendable for top 3 and lets say 50% of one for top 10 through some tokens people would be competing much more. The same applies to Raid or SR tourneys. I dont recollect ever being even tempted to go for top 10 in a raid tourney and only did solo level ups when there was a guranteed ascendable or 5* in the previous era.

Wouldn’t have a problem if they gave more gear and ascendance medals

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No, I wouldn’t neither. My point is that those should be the side rewards that accompany the main one - an ascendable.
Medals and gear being the main reward are not something that makes me shiver in excitement.

IMO there should be medals and gear in every event as milestones or 2nd/3rd tier rewards yes ascendance s should be main rewards or even a 6* lets see ppl snipe like back in the old days


The bigger question is really:
What keeps people coming back for more? (Besides habit/addiction)


U just said it addiction. I played since 2016, quit 4 times then I said I was gone for good then I saw a rts video on YouTube and I was like “ I miss this game” and came back


I miss when farming was actually fun. Used to be that you would do runs of 13.3, 12.3 etc and go for 4 star weapons. My faction mates would always post this and then it would set people off to farm the same area. Its so few and far between now there is very little point. Also the armory is stale. We should have more craftable options like bonus hp, confuse on hit, taunt on hit etc
I agree prizes are poor We also need a farmable gear map for 6 star gear. Its been long enough. There are around 145 six stars now. Surely that warrants a gear map? Scopes would prob make money from world cans for farming

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