What makes people upset about Milestones, but not Gold Radios?


As the title says. Why are people pissed abut milestones that are “too high”. I understand that more milestones with lower amounts would be nice, but why are people upset with the 2mil milestone.

Even if no one gets it, it’s like the gold radio. It just serves no purpose. So I ask. Why get upset about hight milestone but not gold radio?

Is it because 1 person might actually get the milestone and be ahead of everyone else? I don’t think that makes sense since certain people alway get ahead with top rewards.

Is it because of what I mentioned in the first paragraph about wanting lower milestones? Because I usually don’t see that mentioned.

Maybe I’ll just bring a bitch about semantics, but I don’t see many people asking for more, lower milestones. Most people are just complaining about the top milestone being too high and wanting to lower it.

We can have both. We can have more, lower milestones and still have a 2mil milestone.

So maybe focus on asking for more lower milestones if that’s what you really want.


People are terrible at resource management.


Remember these milestones?

They weren’t too high to get people to get things they need to progress. Now we have these ridiculous ones, not that I care about the two million one cause I’ll never hit 1 mill anyway. But back to my point. It gives you things you need to progress just a little bit further then the one most people can only get now.

It’s just a slap in the face to us for not trying to spend more on lower milestones to get a better top prize. Or did I type this backwards? Anyways the prizes for your place in these events are mainly just bs. So why not make unattainable milestones on top of trash you get for winning?


Yeah I think those milestones are great, I would love them.

What I’m getting at, is that asking for lower better milestones is one thing (that I agree with).

And complaining that the 2 mil is too high is another thing (that I could care less about).

I just see a lot more posts with pics of the event leaders saying “look no one hits the top milestone it’s too high” and posts like, “we have no way to hit these top milestones” “we need more resources” etc.

Too much focus on these pointless top milestones. I am just trying to understand why people obsess over them so much.


The OP makes a valid point. Blanket cursing about the current state does not help, but providing models that improve on the current state could help.

For example, people’s said they wanted trainers for war prizes, they didn’t say 4 trainers, so the value was higher than crap 5s token pulls. In the end the replaced with 2 trainers for top prize which was no better than we had been getting while 2md and 3rd got a nerf as they netted less in total fodder.

Stop complaining and be specific in what you are complaining about. If you don’t think a piece of t4 6s gear is worth 2m, then say it isn’t worth it. If your complaint is the cost increase for gear previously available in level tourneys dramatically increased, then say that too.

I want improved top level milestones, m9 re frequent milestones including kit or tape around 500k, watch/radio/5s toons around 1m, 10k 5z tokens at 2m. Sure lower the better but I’d find this worth stretching for.

I do not think the top level is worth a 2m grind. I’m capable of it but don’t find it valuable as it would take 12m to get a full set not including the GPS or canteen.