What makes a 'whale'?

What makes you label a player or faction as a ‘whale’?

What general criteria makes a Whale player?

What general criteria makes a Whale faction?

Do you consider yourself a Whale? Why or why not?

Max prestege lvl and pull on almost every toon(for real money).

And sometime complaining about how legancy toons are overpowered and we dont need them…

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For conversation sake, what about a player who used to spend, especially back in the 5* days, but now doesnt? Their 6* roster is mainly free toons. Or a low prestige player who just started spending?

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Porr whale

Early whale

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This what this thread will turn into

Inb4 whale hate


Lmao love that episode.

We just had this thread about 2 weeks ago…and I imagine same answers are incoming as last time someone asked


What an original thought and subject…


This guy


Damn I am a whale and compared to that guy, I am a guppy.

If only we could do something like that to scopely…

I wouldn’t know because I’m 100% f2p and definitely not a whale.


Implying people haven’t tried in the past

Haha, i guess my search skill suck. Carry on everyone, I’ll read up on the last thread.

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Said nobody ever.


Your honesty is your best quality.


Well they sure did a terrible job at it.

That isn’t hard to determine, the game is still here after all.

What makes a whale?

When a mommy whale and daddy whale love each other…


He, she, or it spends a lot of money.

He or she spends a lot of money. Has every promo toon even the useless ones.

It has a majority of whale players thus making it a whale faction.

No, but I have spent more money than I like to admit but it’s small potatoes when compared to what would be required for my personal definition of a whale.

Let’s be real there is nothing wrong with “whales”. Its a double edged sword because without them, there would be no game but with them, it’s also not always a fun game to play.