What makes a general?


Does it really matter anymore what defines a general? Anybody can be general now if someone doesnt want it they can pass it off to whoever.


The accepted theory is the power of your top 5 toons. Add up all the stats of your top 5 toons. The 2 highest are general.


always thought it was auto a team and add the scores
however I’m pretty sure recently we had a similar team go to war twice and once I was gen ahead of some one and once I wasn’t, was werid


the accepted theory is that even scopely doesn’t know which is why they can’t tell us

it’s prolly random,


Ladder Shuffle decides.


From what I’ve noticed, it seems like it takes the person with the highest and lowest rep for the team and makes them generals.


Except they did tell us long before, and it’s regarding the top 5 characters of your team at any given time, even if you discard those characters.


Amateurs. This is general knowledge and even available to read when you punch settings - support-all out war. A general is a person who’s best defense team he ever made (atk+def+hp) = higher than all the other players in the current war


PS even if you don’t have those characters anymore it still counts so say your best ever team was 3500 it will be 3500 forever and if it’s higher than the other people, you’re general even if your current team is 2300 or so


It is based on highest possible stats. As I understand, deleting your roster doesn’t help (LOL, why would you ever) but I haven’t personally tested that. I did test the stats thing though, as my fac mates well know (and suffered through my obsessive excel making during a blitz…)


I think highest possible stat seems most accurate to what I have observed.

I always get selected as general, even though the max toons that I have are five 6* are T3L80. This happens when there are others in the war party, who have 2-3 6* at T4L90!

So if the program considers the max possible stats of the 6* that I have, even though they are yet to be maxed out, I believe there is a chance that I could get selected over the guy who has actually maxed out his toons.

One more thing I can point out is, I have Barker, whom I believe has the highest stat when maxed out, while the other guy I mentioned had toons with a lower maxed stat!

This is still again just guess work and I really dont understand why Scopely cannot give out this information. We are not asking for the pull odds for gods sake …lol

@kalishane can you get an expert to give some advise? Thanks


Depends on the day you ask plus who you’d like to except the answer from.
This has been asked multiple times since war was released.
Best answer would probably be not even iugo let alone Scopely know the answer.
Probably coded by someone long gone from this game!


It has already been confirmed officially that it’s the highest possible stat team that you have ever made.

However, I’ve tested that claim before and found it to be not true. I was given gen (S1++ team) over people with S2 teams.

It doesn’t matter anymore though, so I doubt Scopely changed things and there’s no further point in doing more testing.


Highest total stats of team you have put in a line up and saved. No weapons or leader ability effects this score.

If you press auto fill team and save, that is your max stats possible (except now leader position may not be highest Stat toon now that these are specially defined).

Number does not go down ever, it is stored in background.


I don’t think it’s based on the team made, but rather just highest possible team based on your roster. I don’t think that whether a team is made or not has any impact.


Pretty sure this is what it takes to be the general. :wink:


Pretty old post, but Dash at the time said “It’s based on the strongest (highest total stats) single team you’ve ever actually assembled into a team slot.”.


Ah good to know. The issue could then be that you have made a stronger team than S1++ in the past, but you ended up using the S1++ team for war.


What happened to Dash? Did he quit too?


He works on the WWE trainwreck now