What makes a general?


Can we please have a clear definition of what makes you the general? I see no reason to keep it a secret.

One of my faction mates has only 26 maxed 5* and she is general every time with the exception of 3 of us. We are a top faction on server and most all of us have or have had over 100 maxed 5s and several 6s.

So what’s the deal seems quite unfair.


I was always under the impression it was the total score of all of the toons in your roster


I think they said it was the max stats of your top 5 toons. Does your faction mate have higher levelled 6* than the rest of you?


It’s the total combined stats of your top 5 toons.


No it isnt


If I wasn’t clear she has no 6* the rest of faction has multiple


@Juan This has been clarified many times. It is determined by the total stats of the toons of the best team you’ve ever created and saved.

If you haven’t created and saved your best team even though you may have better toons than someone else, and someone else has made a team better than the best one you’ve ever created, they will get general over you.


To expand further in the past I deleted my top toons like rick and zeke nothing changed for me


That may be what you heard but it’s not accurate. Because we can compare teams and rosters.


so to avoid this i need to delete all of my good teams b4 each war and re-make them after we have been matched?


Unfortunately that won’t work. Dash said in the old forums that once you create said team, it becomes a permanent thing on your account. The only way around it is hoping someone in your faction makes a higher team.


You would have to delete the characters that make up the good team. Removing a team and remaking it wouldn’t make a difference.


The best reply we have ever had was exactly as lee explained it, basically when you create a team it is given a score (the total of the stats), and that is compared to a secret field that stores the highest score any team you have ever crated, if it higher then it replaces this score.

These scores are supposedly used for general. so deleting teams or even toons wouldn’t lower this score.

This seems to be argued against quite often. but has always been accurate in my faction (I am always general) and one person who jumped on 6*early has been general a lot recently having never been one before war came back.


@dash will you weigh in on this topic again? I can show her best team is s2. And she is general over s4


Lee’s explanation is correct, in that Dash’s response was that general is chosen by the stats of your best ranked team that you’ve ever made. Deleting the team or selling any characters will not change your ‘score’.

BUT, in my testing months ago, this explanation did not hold up. I’ve had my S1++ teams outgen S2 teams, and I’ve never made anything better than a S1++ team.

The point is moot now anyways, since you can pass gen to anyone. I’m not surprised that things are working out like how you say though @Juan, I doubt anything was changed in the general selection process.


One thing’s for sure, Dash won’t be clarifying anything anymore. :joy:


i never read the combined 5 toon thing but…what about reputation? It seems to me that the higest reps lead as generals…?


It’s definately not rep, have been gen myself with at least 5 members with higher rep then me


Nah, im always general with almost the lowest rep of thirty people. :no_mouth: A L W A Y S


I am not sure who is the short order cook now that runs the griddle.