What kind of bug is that blue shield on Aarav without Guardian II in team?!?

The death person is Pette

Look the time in next screenshot the remaining time 26 seconds, so I need it to make couple of attacks wich one wasn’t successful on Aarav till my James kill him with his ability??any explanations please because for 1st time I see something like that in my 2 years playing this game.

Probably of Pete’s adrenaline rush

Pete Anderson’s rush gives guardian shields to I think 2 teammates and himself. plus one more if he revives someone


Pette is dead… and this shield was on Aarav on every single attack I made with different heroe ?

Also this is new for him lol did I’m right?

He can rush then die

Guys I raid Pette and for 1st time I see that think to happen ,for now the answers where I see dosen’t make sense to me .

Pete has always had Guardian shields from his rush, he can give up to 4 Guardian shields when he rushes. The enemy Doc Stevens has over 50% Bonus HP so Pete for sure rushed.

Everyone talk about Pette I talk about this shield stay on Aarav when I attack him ??? Did I write some Alien language … Pette is dead and them 2 have shield iven when I attack them ???

Maybe it’s just a visual glitch. And maybe aarav has absolute def on his weapon, that’s why when you attacked it didn’t cause any damage

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How you cant see shield is on him more than 10 seconds without Pette??I think no one see that ,it wasn’t his weapon :^)

There has been a glitch every now and then that a guardian shield applied to a too appears on the toon even after it has been removed.

This happens when you don’t record a video of it. I know, sometimes we’re not prepared to open the app and start recording, but no one knows every action you did during battle. Start recording, try to replicate that, and post here.

True ,I never recorded for something like that because I didn’t know that is possible or will happen something like that .

So if its glitch do you think the owner on this characters can know about it and use like cheating?

No. That’s not how it works. It’s a visual glitch. Not someone exploiting the game.

If its just visual why my attacks from my characters dosen’t remove that blue shield from him?

Because it is visual… Aarav took damage so its just visual that the shield is still shown.

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