What just happened


In the last raid event i was in 5th place with 30 minutes left to go. I checked the leaderboard and noticed that 2nd,3rd and4th place had more points than me, but fewer wins. Then got booted off and could not lot back on for about 20 minutes. Noticed that 2,3 place win count jumped through the roof. in the end I had 20 more wins than 4th place but they had 158 more points. What gives.


How many trophies do you typically get per win?


Wins mean nothing it’s all about trophies


I’m unsure how trophy count is done these days. I’m top ten in raids, run s5++ and always get 23 trophies save every 5-10 raids I’ll get 22


20 to 22. Sometimes 18 but not that often.


It’s based on the strength of the player’s roster you just faced.

If it’s a bot, it’s based on your roster strength.


Okay just wondering. If we were always getting 15-18 I would have said that’s why but no.


Wasn’t always. Back when I was top of the raid leaderboard I used to get 6 trophies every time. I was having to use 2-3 times as many cans as others. I’m glad whatever changed.


Uh we might be getting mixed up in the terminology.

Are you saying the 6 trophies you got are the points that you’d only get during raid tournaments?

Because I don’t remember a time where I got anywhere close to 6 points per raid during raid tournaments. Either there was a glitch in the system or you’re mistaking it for the regular raid trophies you get.

If I remember correctly, the lowest raid trophies you can get during a tournament is like 10 or 12, and that’s using a brand new fresh account fighting another brand new fresh account.


Yes the tournament trophies.


I got 14-15 on a low account(lvl 25) and 23-24 on my lvl 123 account,i’m not sure what determines how muc points you get


think its total roster strength of the team you faced.


Not total. It’s either the top 5 strongest characters based on their overall stats, or the strongest team put together by you.


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