What is your reliable defense team for getting raid/war defends?


Hey guys,

Recently pulled Erika from a big pull after a ton of time saving tapjoy coins. I’ve been working on my weapons for a while and feel like i’ve got a pretty good setup, but still don’t get many defends, even after swapping Erika in. My question is: what is your setup that is getting tons defends? Is it just tough for everyone at the moment with not much team variation?

Mine is below:

Weapons are Erika: V large on attack, 35def, stun. Tyreese: 40% att, huge on attack, double attack. Zeke: 35 crit, 30 def, crit on enemies >60% hp. Mira: 20% att, 30% def, stun (WIP weapon). Michonne: 24% hp, 35% def, abs def. I used to use Blue Michonne (impair + 35% hp shotgun) instead of Erika (with Mirabelle lead) and feel like I’m not really getting many more defends even by adding the ‘OP’ Leader. Does anyone have any tips?


Replace mishield with bluechonne


I am not sure it is really that possible at the moment to get reliable defends. you will get some, but I think most 6* teams can be most other 6* teams if you control the attacks, the only thing that means an occasional loss is the RNG gods being mean.

I got quite a few defends last war with
Mirabelle leader, stun gun
Red Guardian 2 hershal with crit stun gun
Yumiko - bow with Huge AP boost and quite a bit of attack
Tyreese - +38 Attack version of your weapon (I missed out on crit the last upgrade)
and shield shone (with abs defence weapon but not actually a defensive one, it has huge AP boost on attack and attack boost as it wasn’t built for her, but I haven’t managed to get another abs def weapon since).

that will probably be changed to Erica instead of shield shone by the time we get back to war. but I don’t expect to get defends, but I did get a few last time.

What are the AR’s and active skill levels of your toons? as that looks to be a decent team, that is the only thing I think could help you out if they are not maxed. you even have pretty good weapons. You cold get rid of shield Michonne as she is quite easy to kill in that set up, but with RNG on your side she can last the first turn, do you have any other 6* if not I would be tempted to swap your Michonne’s around and put the blue on in, if she goes off she can still be quite annoying.

If it helps if I was attacking your team, shield shone would be attacked first round, then Zeke as I just hate him and like to take him down quick. then after that I probably have my rushes ready to go, so Hershel hits 3 then Mirabelle hits 3 and stuns them, yumiko if she is alive then hits 2, and Tye finishes off anybody that is somehow still standing. I basically avoid hitting the reds so I dont get stunned, and I should therefore be able to kill Erika with Rushes before she gets to revive anybody, and I try to finish anybody off with Tye if I can to get the decapitate in just in case.


Yep, exactly this. Use another ranged to get maximum benefits of Erika’s leader skill


guardian 2 is the meta

If it procs, you can get a defend, if it doesn’t proc, no defend. The same defenses can be easy or hard based on RNG guardian 2

I get defends lately using a round 2 rush team (8% AP to all weapon) but if guardian 2 doesn’t proc, my team won’t defend. If my guardian 2 procs a lot, I don’t even take damage during war.

R N G is the basis of this game, more so now than ever.

6* simply allow people to work around the RNG to avoid “unhittable defenses” that we used to have when Lee first came out.

No matter what the defense, the 6* are the solution.

Active Skills and Rush
AP Gain
Recover Stun
Recover Imair
AP Drain

The answers are all there, unfortunately the balance is way off as an AS like Shiva stun is 100x better than recover impair

Erika is a range-tank defense lead. You have 2 melees in there, one is a 5* without any lead skill bonus, that Michonne is going to die fast and early. Zeke will die quicky too as no lead help

That leaves Ty, Erika and MIra, but Mira is not a specialist and without any AP help by the time Erika and Mira rush, it won’t matter. Tyreese without an atk lead skill can’t easily kill like he can behind 40ATK. Even with a 40 ATK weapon

Erika is going to be hard to set the right team behind as tanking on range doesn’t work like it used to because of Tyreese.

Erika is probably the most over-rated lead right now due to the problems I mentioned above. Tanking with reds is way harder than it used to be and tanking with blues is almost impossible without 410 weapons and luck


Not telling in the open. I want it to stay reliable.


Give said blue chonne 20% ap gun, very large ap atl, 30% def. She will pop turn 2 and be tank as f* trapping your enemies.


For defends I Just use Confuse toons with stuns and shieldconne. Works very well.doesn’t seem like lots have Shiva in my region could be the reason.Also Stack hp and defense.