What is your rarest/favorite/best six star


this is a broad topic people and all your on words


Can I chose 1 of each colour ;)?!


if u have more than 1 favorite than yes


Yellow has to be Romanov his a monster.
Green has to be for me eugene was close between him kal and wyatt,
Blue has to be magna shield for me!
And red has gotta be my disarm Louis or evasion gov!

I’m only naming toons I have though as I don’t have Erika etc!


yellow is my Romanov
blue is my Kenny
green Koa/Shiva
red my neut gov


yellow- Wayland
Im a whale lol


Yellow - duane
Green - shiva
Red - erika
blue - aiko WASTE THOT!


Yellow - Marlin and Rosie
Blue - dchonne
Red - hershall
Green - Bruce


i was gonna try to pick ,but it would take too much time to decide. Just saying that the Telltale characters are probably on the first spots in every class, especially Clem


Red - Hershel guardian 2
Blue - disarm Michonne
Yellow - Lydia
Green - shiva


AIKO (Blue) !!!

love when she kills two. Definitely yonder estimated her upon release

Least favorite

Yumiko (yellow) - what a waste


Green - Violet - Revive plus lots of healing and bonus HP is obviously great. Plus she’s so resilient. A few times she’s been the only one left alive, stunned, impaired and confused against a team of five, and still survived 5 more turns.
Yellow - Albino Shiva - It took a bit to figure out how to use her effectively, but she’s pretty great now that I have. Still needs to be revived by Violet fairly often though.
Blue - Yumiko - She was my first six star and my only one for quite a while. As the only six star on a team of fives, she was obviously amazing. Doesn’t get used as much these days sadly.
Red - Lori - I only have a couple reds, but neutralize is pretty nice.


Shane, Harlan, Evasion Governor, Gator.


4* Allen :stuck_out_tongue:


Yellow - Marlon
Blue - Michonne
Red - Hershel
Green - Alpha


Why was yellow yumiko a waste? Not being rude i really want to know because her confounding looked really useful.


(Going off of highest tier and/or favorite ones in my roster)
Fast - Negan
Tough - Tyreese/Hunter
Strong - Anna
Alert - Hershel


Red tara from faction assault


i would kill for Vi, i want her so bad. She`s one of my favorites from the new season


I would turn gay for her.