What is your current team?


i just wondered


sorry wrong one this one


No, that is not my current team


I have the same one…that with hershel and gov :wink::joy:


How is Anna working out for you? @Anthony


really good t3 now appearntly shes bulky to other people in my reigon




Really need to change up my Def but not sure how :confused:


defence offence blah blah
cos im nub asf😐


Well since “the community” thinks my previous post was subtle advertisement, I might as well post my actual team since I went through the trouble screenshoting them anyway.

Couter-range team/backup Carl team.

Counter-melee team/Defense.

Seriously, some razor-sharp barbed Bad Dragons need to be pulled out of some asses.


One for Alert teams.

Another for tough and other fast teams.



Ranged attack



You can destroy these annoying 3* doc stevens teams with that





Deciding between these two teams


Current attack


Current defense


What i plan on using as an attack team


What i plan on using as a defense


I don’t wanna show my defense or all of my attack teams and stuff but here’s a peak of one of my new ranged attack teams

Super excited to finally get that Tara btw :slightly_smiling_face: