What is wrong with this game?

I had a really hard time this war with some teams that keep rushing while confused or taunted and i loose because of that and also drain my cans for nothing i think many has experienced the same things this is rly annoying and unfair. What the heck


i think maybe you need to work on the teams of attack that you use and just because the game is more hard to you it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the game and it is not unfair just because you are lost with mods and team construction maybe try to learn more or ask better players for tips i hope you can solve your problem


It’s called focus


Also sandy rushed 3 times in a row

if she had huge when taking damage and you attacked her and she lose more than half of her hp she will rush

I didn’t attacked her, her adrenaline jaug fill again once she rush

Once again: if you have video of a combat bug, I’ll be happy to put it in front of a dev. Vague reports aren’t going to be investigated.


I thought the op was asking what is wrong with the game in general and I was going to reply with EVERYTHING. :wink:


Question was you using the gator led team or the one without a leader?

Could you please show your WHOLE roster?

Worse I seen was half ar bar is full got command and ar goes off seen it a bunch of times


Noticed lots of silly bugs last war myself
No point in reporting them.
Just keep them among your friends and self if it’s something good cause those happen too :shushing_face::smiley:

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Yep every toon on defense was overpowered weather they had towers or not toons were rushing turn 1 … typical scopley though they don’t care now buy the next promo losers

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I see we’re not the only ones noticing the power differences during war. I figured it was Scopely stepping on the scales to make some feel better about their strength or make people want certain toons that appear stronger than they are.

It’s like that every war. Just harder to verify during CRW. We know the players we face during AOW… and their strength. Several here have been complaining about it. Can auto against teams before and after war that they’d lose to during. Towers definitely don’t have anything to do with it. Obviously the first thing looked at when questioning it.

I don’t mind losing to a good defense but do mind spending this much PvP time facing half bot, half players. Knowing our own teams true strength is the only way to make needed adjustments. Towers are fine… we factor in the differences. Not knowing what’s being added or removed makes the whole thing pointless.

I found no point reporting they will ask for screen shot that I don’t have

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