What is wrong with arena?

No matter how hard I try, I cant hit more than 25700 points in domination arena, burned 20 tickets on last arena and max 25700pts.
No loss during fights, picking most point enemys, got any idea why this happen couse im tired of this?

Domination means your first score is the only score which counts

I think this guy means why others can reach upto 35k and not he

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Still need to have good draw with opponents and never never never have best defence of all… Then you cant win

Im S11+ in my area of arena, Its the best team on that area, so i dont deserve opponent worth 10k or more as I see and cant hit even top10
Ive set up 4* chars as defense, not works, others still receive 10k or more points when hitting me

The points are based off your best historic team grade, so lowering defence won’t work

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So im askin WHAT will work, not what will not :smiley: My best historic is S11+, arena gives me max S10 to beat, so how am I suppose to hit more than 25.7k???

you cant.
Arena need to remodel completly

  • Let us play against another pool of players
  • Give hot blazing rewards for defence
  • Have all same opponents and count in turns in point calculation

So no rings for me in arenas, couse i cant reach even top10, and every player below my S11 in wave 3 region will be better top than me.
Super nice, really

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What league are you in?

Diamond III

during seeding even harder then

I been asking myself that many years, sorry, lol

Ok, so thank You for Your advices guys but none of em makes me closer to my problem
So I just focus on keep on surviving then and paying more

Once placement is over it make sure a difference. I have seen s11 s11+ and S12 teams in platinum four and five. You might consider dropping down

Will do, dropping to Diamond I bvouse this arena sh*t is a joke
Thats a hint, thanks

Arenas are very wacky

Yes, but why best team cannot do best score and not reveiving rings in every arena, thats strange as F to me

You need to get lucky and get in a league with players of similar strength or higher than you. Likely moving up would be your best bet

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