What is with the ridiculous difficulty of the Pamela roadmap?

As the title says. Surely this can’t be how it was intended to be? This is near indoable? Takes forever to beat and there’s boss toons with 16k Attack and normal toons with 7 ATK? Fix this $copely


It’s a nice challenge. Autoing every map is boring. Take a healer /revive and guardian. Also Alice covets green/red so you can bring a different sort of lead if needed and bring in rainbow team. If your have laceator toon or hemorage this also helps take off a lot of hp


15k attack was bit harsh but still it was easy enough to auto through this. Pam is def lead, just slap another def or hp or both leader like carl or mira and fill with any greens or reds you may have. you’re welcome


Wish my s8++ had those stats.
Bring some tear gas nerve gas and grenades

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The damn tacos! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :taco:

Pam is hp and def to red and greens, get another lead that you have like garret maybe, i used dante. Bring a healer and hp booster and reviver, i used league zeke. Bring a gaurdian, i used kal for his taunt. The other 3 are up to you but a neutralizer would be good and maybe a buffer like glenn. Items to bring are incense, smelling salts, nerve nades and nerve vials. This allowed to me to stay in the fight, took a long time per stage but i did them all without losing any toons. Bring some stun swords and guns, reds and greens so they get the hp and def from pam. Its possible.

Funny thing tho is the last stage which you would think since its the last stage would be the hardest was the easiest lol they went from S8++ to S5+ but thats scopely for ya

I noticed this too, I’m sure it’s a bug. I believe on the last stage or 2 of the second act it was a cake walk but the ones previous were way harder.

Last stage of act 2 they only had 2k-3k stats while all the others were boosted with 15k attack and 5k defense, doesnt make sense. I still beat it with the best toons I have right now available to me.

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Its not tht hard u can auto it with a guardian 2, and a debuffer like Jeremiah.

autoed with this.

That s the problem. Taking def toons to an attack fight… Then again 4 stun weapons helps

easy with this S8+ team. but i have a question. pamela’s roadmap is harder than AR maggie roadmap?

Definitely they are peeing all over the place. Don’t worry, all of a sudden, the last stage of Pamela roadmap is back to normal difficulty. Which makes no sense whatsoever


Yup can confirm last stage is kiddie pool difficulty

this, nerve gas and nades equal win, use nades at the start, build up rush, nerve gas and rush boooom


I autoed it, :cupcake:


Team comp?

Sorry, can’t see it until crw, :cupcake:.
You’ll ruin the surprise.

I use this team for Pamela and for Maggie stage was hard but I did it