What is ur lates 3years token pull😀


what ur got on ur latest 3years pull after crw


Trash, just pulled the second gov a few minutes ago


Its just sad


It is and I am



Put up 800k in war and got

A dupe YAY :angry:



Just pulled connor, already have him, got yellow zeke before that (the one everyone got when 6s came out including me)
Paid money to Get the tokens for this pull too, I’m so tired of being disappointed in this game after spending actual cash… been playing over 2 years now, started f2p but I’ve done several 10 pulls for each magna and erika during their respective promos, and the current promo for sophia for heck of it, never once have i gotten a promo character… other games don’t make it this hard to buy specific characters…i really don’t want to keep spending its like gambling and it’s not fun anymore


5* Zeke. Im gonna puke.


Not even worth playing anymore. Or at least not worth spending hours playing. Got another Kal from the wheel after scoring 500k. Random dude who scored 10k pulled magna. Really fed up and at all time low gamewise. Pulled 2gov, 2conner, 2kal, and forgot who else.


I feel ur pain


2 kals here :smiley: totally what I wanted from this wheel


best thing i’ve pulled so far :slight_smile:


5* Zeke
6* Alpha
5* Anna
6* Barker

1 dupe but no complaints here, anyone made use of Barker yet? He looks decent could go def or att i think


I got 80 tokens on two accounts and I’ve been thinking to purchase 7day offer for each, but after reading your posts I imagined that I’ll get like dupe Zekes or smth and I decided not to buy any offers, it’s just pixels after all. Games are made for fun, not for feeding our gamble addiction


Haha, same situation for me but i bought the seven days offer just to receive my 3rd zeke didnt pulled him before from the anni wheel but he‘s still a dupe for me.


Sorry to hear that :worried:


2 Alert 5* Andreas so far, and I’m 5 tokens off another pull. I’d prefer not to pay thirty quid for my last pull.

Edit: caved in for the five quid deal.

Make that three Alert 5* Andreas and a big fuck you for Scopely.

3 of the same toon seems appropriate. One for each year of being scammed by Scopely.


Last 4 were alpha, Connor, alpha, Connor. So much for no dupes.


Not quite after CRW, but most likely my last Pull and I take him very happily :grin: