What is up with this dudes face, seriously


Did they finish his body and then think “the face doesn’t have to look that great”



I keep thinking his face is ugly too. Everytime I see the face of his 5* version, putting it with his hair, I get old comic book vibes. Like an original superman with a coat instead of a cape


His face was my reaction to survivors club lol


I’m guessing the designers are now just taking requests from mgmt to turn them into chars.
Now, do me


I got the impression he was drawn in the likeness of a real person as soon as I saw him. On no basis whatsoever. Just that something looks “off” about him. (Maybe because I’ve seen him before and don’t realize.”

At T4 he looks like he just walked off an esports competition. Minus the pistols and holsters lol.


He’s like “Ugh, what am I doing here?”


Sorry but the new art lead is terrible. Everything is just so generic now.

Also who would pay for this toon? Trash.



Looks like the same type of image as Yvette. Chances are this is a Scopes staffer who won an office pool, or brought cake in for a month…


Looks like my uncle Harry.


Matt was based off a real guy and he looks perfectly in line with the rest of the toons…

So I doubt this was based off a real person.

Unless the new artist just doesn’t know how to translate real people into RTS…


I really like your Roster. Especially the Third Toon from the Right :wink:


His 5* looks like a member of the mob


I kept Allen just because of you lol


She’s based on actress… some sort of tie-in



His face on the roadmap is a bit different.


he looks less terrifying here


True. But playing the Roadmap I would’ve liked Lonnie as a Character more. He has a powerfull stace Instant of terrifiing Face :grin:.


Is it me or is his face trying to say he’s okay but it’s not.

If the portrait had more space, I’d imagine there would be a gun pointing to his head


Perhaps the Scopely servers are still up after the apocalypse and he’s been playing the game…