What is up with raid points

Why am I getting 20-22 points per raid and everyone else in my faction getting 25-27???

depends if opponent is better or worse then you

I’m getting 15-17, it depends on your team rang how much you get (my guess)

Its bugging me, feels like I’m wasting cans when i get 17-20 :angry:

Depends on the enemy team.Your team grade. Maybe your level as well

It’s never been like this until s class came out. I was consistently getting 25-28 for over a year and now that I added s class I’m at about 19. It’s dumb. When you get nothing but bots in a tournament, you never get people with rep around you. How can you even tell a bots team grade?


level 136 only getting 27 thats all raiding S10 and up.

You know when the chocolate bar used to weigh 250g now it’s only 225g thus is exactly what they have done, cheap shot as per Scopely and people wonder why we complain ffs

I’m rank 14 in region so always fight 15-30 and always got 25 average not now

Before with 6stars almost everyone was S9++ - S10+ so no much difference in team grades. Now just by adding Christa/James teams jump to S12. Add in Pete or Priya and jumps to S14. Much bigger difference in team grades now, and this is reflected in raid points.


I think this is has always been the case but has been exacerbated by the differences in power s class has perpetuated. It is kind of like arenas where you have everyone at 6k points and then the whale at 25k. When you that whale and raid now I bet you getting crap trophies.

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I get that but how exactly are you supposed to tell the opponents team grade when all you get is bots? Its apparent how many people are affected by just looking at the raid leaderboard.

Yup, exactly that the difference between SClass teams and no SClass is huge. It’s like a 6* team S9/S10 raiding a 5* team S5. It will be like that for a while until more people get more SClass toons

Only thing you can do is raid bots with SClass leaders maybe


I think it’s time to reconsider league bonus multiplier since we are on S17 teams already.


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