What is up with matchups in crw


So our modest new region has some how been grouped with much older and stronger regions every war is a loss ranked 73 fighting teams that are 2 and 3 in crw from much older factions having the towers would have levelled the playing field a little but it is just a complete in balance between factions and regions
What was scopley thinking when they matched these regions together


Right? When there’s 8 regions fighting and 1 region has all 3 top spots and 10 of their factions within 25 you know something isn’t right.


Dude that’s nothing, one region in my matchup has 5 factions in top 5, 7 in top 10, and 17 in top 25. Their region has more points than everyone else combined


Seems no thought was placed with these matchups for crw


Never were. Ever.


My faction hasn’t war much for part 2 so we rank at 150. I just played in a war that matched us to rank 24. That’s just bs.


We are middle of the road but poor Chandler has no place in this fight. It cant be that hard to match regions of equal activity. Why even have a region ranking? Glad the prizes are always crap for that since there is no way a region can just make a comeback


With region transfers there should be no more reason for crw. If you don’t like the low activity of your region for AOW, then transfer you faction to a higher population region. Can’t get the easy rewards in the solo tournaments in a dead region and then complain your region isn’t active enough for AOW.


Parts 1 was fine had some good battles then part 2 looks like scopley lost all there sense and decided to throw the newer regions to the lions :lion:


The matchups didn’t change.


So what do you all want all of the dead regions matched so you win free ascend for stand still lack luster performances


No region will die completely this year to early 2019 and I’m still just going to play and not waste my time complaining about matchups


My region


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