What is up with gear?!


Why are you guys putting us in a stranglehold for gear? No one goes and spends hundreds on gear offers just to keep up in all these lvls. You are alienating your players and making people very angry with the influx of constant solo level, and no gear.

Months ago we were promised a weekly 3 part gear map. We have been lucky to get one part gear map per month.

Just days ago @kalishane said gear map on Sunday, and people have been waiting around, planning and hoping for that gear map, to be able to participate in the solo level up, that has collection pieces as a 250k milestone. If people end up not getting Dwight’s rifle from not having enough gear for milestones…its going to be hell.

For the love of negan give us GEAR!


We have a ultra gear roadmap coming up in 1 hour (6PM EST) according to Kalishane. Hopefully it pans out this time :slight_smile: