What is up with 4* Negan?


So is he getting a 5 star trade in at the museum? I keep getting offers to upgrade him but no plans have been made it looks like to release a museum 5 star? I have upgraded him just in case but would like to know if I need to keep him around or what?


We all wish! Something better than 100% Healing penalty? That would be just perfect.


Those offers are quite strange, why would someone waste resources on him if he’s not part of a collection?

@kalishane, do you know anything on this matter?


The only thing he could possibly become is new thread negan, and he looks to be pretty garbage so why would you want him?


Who knows if there might be a short timed collection near the end of the event so we can exchange him for a better version? Hoping doesn’t cost or hurts.


It sure doesn’t, but he might also be a booby trap for new players.


Because that Maim damage is a permanent reduction to hp as a debuff.

With heals not running ao much at the moment it isnt such a big deal…but when there are more heals made available that maim will act as a fixed number heal block from full hp.

Experimented on last stage of New Threat 3 v Humans and left a healer alive with it on and waited. no heal occured