What is this joke!?


Stay out of gc and you won’t have that problem :woman_shrugging:t2:


Did you use any type of cuss words or harass anyone or anything like that?

yeah against russian i used words like f*ing cheaters , fk etc etc

Yeah that’s probably why.

Thats why.

pffff 48hours

Just report Russian hackers, don’t speak ill about putin and mother Russia in gc or you’ll get banned


The guy holding baby Trump runs things…

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i was having an argue with a russian cheater because his diego made his AR turn 1 (without weapon and with no AP bonus from his lead , michelle). That’s impossible to do AR turn 1 … so i explained him that cheating is bad and my words became bad lol

I got banned for a day before for calling someone a :cat:

Jesus I can’t say anything for some reason.


i often have the same problem. So what can i do? i really have to wait 2 days???

Yeah,You’ll have to wait.

Comrade, please do not be of criticize Russia. We are all friend here, yes?

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Russia is where the good Eurovision songs come from. And lots of good memes. And Russians

Anything that results in # is bannable. Like when nobody in Spalding could say Wayland when he was a promo.

Not true at all.

Not saying this player isn’t a cheater. Was there a command toon? Did any other toons have ap boost at beginning of each wave on their weapons? Also of note is ap boosts from other toons. Just something to rule out

also don’t laugh at Putin if he falls