What is this?Anyone got this?


Anybody have this?


Not in game yet. As it states, it’s from dismantling an epic or 5 star weapon.


Been around for a really long time now


It was a add item when 6 stars 1st come out and u got that from being in Bata region its was to make 6 star weapons but never took off so its just there for the time being


No, it’s been there since the armory was introduced.


OMG 5* weapon parts that must mean 5* weapons r just around the corner omg end of game coming soon 5* weapons will rule all


it was there from 2 years


if you get 5 legendary harlans you get a free 5☆ weapon. its a stun, impair, abs def weapon, very rare.


So 5 lilliths for a 5* weapon then?


so Im close?


oh my harlan…
why would you keep 4 harlans? if i would see 5 legendary harlans my first guess would be photoshop.


ITs been there since the armory first came out. It was even discussed in the old forums.


Guys tell me, creating a theme, it is immediately created? Or after many hours?


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