What is the worst and best event ever?

invisible player council, explain to the devs why those events(skullgate/1st anniversary) were fun and events like the beachball and current romanov nonsense isn’t

Skull token was only good because of bugs lol. It was looking pretty mediocre until then.

While prob not the worst, this TOC deserves to be in a category of its own for the sheer number of unbelievably stupid decisions made before and throughout.

Yeah you’re right actually that sucked hard till that happened, so that gets an * in the history books.

It did bring the community together in a way that was never before seen and will more than likely never seen again though

I’d say the best event was the first telltale event. The worst was probably the first Christmas event where we needed to collect a shit load of stuff for red 5 star Carl and practically nobody did it.

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