What is the worst and best event ever?

In your opinion, what is the worst and what is the best event ever in RTS?

Worst for me was the beachballs, seashells and sombreros event as i got nothing, not even a burt or smelling salt and the best event would have to be the Michelle event as it wasnt that grindy/hard and Michelle is amazing! A close second is the road rage event where we could get Sandy or Bruce but that was much more grindy and i got lucky to get Bruce


Same event: downloading the app.


The coin event was pretty good.


the best events were 3rd anniversary and pathways,the worst event is 4th anniversary


Sadly for me i didnt get much from that, free coins is free coins yes but all i got was 100 coins, 200 coins, etc but that was good also besides scopely locking us in factions for 2 weeks. They should do something like that again but doubt they will after that gate

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all in the past was awesome … now all is sh@@@@t


It has gone downhill in such a short time so fast, like Zach came out and then it was like whatevers, full speed ahead!


The best event was probably skull tokens.

Skull tokens and pathways were both fun. There’s been a couple where we could collect items and either turn them in for rewards or try to save up for a character that were good I can’t recall what they were tho

I absolutely hated toc…

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Well… At their times…
The Tripp event? Or maybe the Pick Your Side event.
Scopely gave a F2P 45 AP revive or a basically 1 hit KO toon. Which was insanely useful, I saw almost every team run Jesus (I myself picked Dwight)
Tripp was also a really good F2P toon reflecting on it now. A huge HP buff lead and a decent medic AR was nice, though he came out during a time where Premier toons were starting to create a power creep…


1st anniversary event was great at the time for me as a player I was able to grind for three five stars

The lucky tokens event was my favorite I got magna koa revive ty and others

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Pathways was actually pretty nice…fourth anniversary event is worst I have seen.


I’d say the first pick your side event…You collected 4 different 4 stars…Jesus(blue),Rick(red),Ezek(green),Dwight (yellow)then you could collect either 5 star limited edition Jesus(blue)…He was a pretty good support…He had a nice lead and was a revive…The their was 5 star limited edition Dwight(yellow) That was a pretty good damage dealer with a decent lead skill,For Jesus You would have to use 4 star jesus and 4 star Ezek and 100 Rick statue’s,100 Negan statue’s and 1 comic I think…Same with dwight but with 4 star rick and 4 star dwight.Pretty good event…BUT I WAS 5 RICK MARKERS AWAY FEOM GETTING THAT GODAMN FLIPING JESUS!


First Pick your side was good but for variety I’ll go 1st Anniversary. Best definition of a grind event imo (direct token drops after every raid) and for proper rewards (between 4 5*s which were gold dust at the time). Just about grinded to 2 pulls. No RNG reward quality or lowest common denominator prize.

I hate to bandwagon. But by comparison 4th Anniversary could potentially be set for worst. If Sergio is unattainable for F2P then consider it so. Furthermore, it’s an overly simply designed event (2 part stash with only 1 6* on offer) for arguably the biggest event. Plus the fault threshold seems non-existent at quite challenging milestones to hit every tourney for the average player. Sergio quality aside, if you don’t get him there’s not much else to write home about


Pathways, sandy and Michelle events best as there was something to grind for
Worst event ever 4th Anniversary nothing comes close, nothing to do nothing to grind for and it looks like it might be P2P🤗


All the same to me, so far. Whole lotta grinding over next to nothing!

I can’t remember exactly which event it was (might have been a Halloween one). I pulled yellow Lori from a token wheel. That was awesome. Also liked the pick your side event (I went with Jesus).

Worst event was probably michonne head. I don’t know anyone who actually hit the jackpot.

Cant remember if it was an xmas or halloween event, but you could collect pink tokens for 5* green Larry and red Duane (could be wrong with Duane). All the raiding, farming and so on was really worth it since you could get stuff and even a few pulls. You could use the toon even as F2P in my case Larry since he is a drop lead.

Also what was fun but no event, was the hardcore gear maps back then. Without faction support and team building it was crazy!

My favorite event was the Hold the Line event; I got a lot of great characters and actually looked forward to playing daily. The worst? There are too many and it’s hard to pick just one.