What is the strongest def team in game?

Iam talking about best mods, maxed best weapons just the best team that even strong p2p cant beat. Is there any?

People attack in different ways, theres always a solution to even the strongest teams, i had to make an auto team for the packed promo defences and yes it fails from time to time, but overall nothing’s unbeatable

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Bide / Payback combos

ye but there are some kombos even p2p strugle to beat

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I would say that p2p would have to spend a little wiser if they are struggling but have deep pockets


I say elle began Donny elle began
that was annoying
couldn’t use line attack rushes, or multi hit rushes
I just hit Donny

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Theoretically, I’ve always liked the idea of 2 Ravens overlapping with a shield in the team. So on def the 1st ones AS goes off turn 1, opponent has to hit an Elusive toon in turn 2 and turn 3. Turn 3 the 2nd one goes off, opponent has to hit an Elusive toon turn 4 and turn 5. Meanwhile the Ravens have built up their ARs and have impaired and reduced whole lines by 40ap.
The only way around this for an opponent is to use focus and hit the most recently activated Raven, even this method is risky with Ravens Ap reduction weapon. But then steps in Elle and her AR to stop focus from occurring and taking away what few options the opponent still has.
Round it out with the best reviver in the game and you are golden:

Andrea Lead. She gives human shield and a decent Ld skill to all (particularly benefitting Elle). No upgrade on AR or AS.
Equipment: Abs def sword with 40%def and 20% hp. Overall mods are def. Top left is hp, top right is def against green, bottom right is stun resist, bottom left is graze, middle is either extra def or taunt resist.

Raven#1. AS levelled to go off turn 1. AR maxed.
Equipment: Weapon modded to keep 3rd slot but have huge Ap on attack and 40% def. Overall mods are attack. Top left is def, top right is def against green, bottom right is taunt resist, bottom left is Ap down, centre is burn.

Raven #2. As above but AS only levelled to activate turn 3.

Elle. Fully maxed
Equipment: Weapon keeps 3rd trait, huge Ap on attack, 40% def (or 35%hp if you want bide to trigger earlier). Overall mods are hp. Top left is hp, top right is def against green, bottom right is stun resist, bottom left is Ap down, centre is reflect.

Mia. Fully maxed.
Equipment: Stun gun with huge Ap on attack and 40% def. Overall mods are defensive. Top left is hp, top right is def against blue, bottom right is stun resist, bottom left is graze, centre is impair resist.

That would be my team of nightmares. Due to Elusive the opponent will struggle to have enough Ap to AR until turn 7, especially with the Ap down mods and both Ravens ARs (turn 7 being generous). Even then some of their toons will have been taunted by an Elusive Elle. Mia will keep toons alive and help kill off opponents toons with her AR. Ravens and burn mods will also be chipping down the opponent. Elle will destroy toons with her bide and increased hp, as well as being potentially revived multiple times.


wow seems amazing!

Thanks, been wanting a 2nd Raven for ages. I wouldn’t be able to make the above team as I don’t have Elle or Mia, but anybody could make a great team with a turn1 and turn 3 AS Ravens + shield.

There is no such thing as an unbeatable defense team atm.

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i have 2 ravens but they arent used. too easy to wipe turn 1/2 with disarm-buff-debuff- amber. also easy to auto attack using zach doc teams.

as has been the case for so long, the game is skewed towards attacking. its easy to atack but harder to defend. so against the top teams its impossible to never get destroyed, its best to just settle for defending a few times and for the other times, just taking a lot of turns to beat. for this, dual payback is a good specialist skill to build around because people need to suppress ARs and take longer to do damage.

last war i rotated a few passable def teams for amusement and variety.

one was a simple and elegant spete-negan-mia-negan-mia team. good to put all max def against blue mods on these. cant wipe with amber, and the mias and spete keep reviving. still easy to beat but it takes a few turns so it eats up attacker time.

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I am not in the top 5 faction, so cant say for sure what’s the best def team out there.
The one I found toughest to beat was 2 Mias and 2 Waylands behind Pam!

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