What is the snowman for?

What is that $.99 snowman for? I bought it but don’t see any evidence of it in my game

Snowman stash in the wheels


Lol you didnt check what you were buying? It is two pulls on stash…


Ikr! I thought it said it was a token but couldn’t find it. Lol

Thank you

Actually I still don’t see it for any wheel

Ok. I found it. I was expecting to see a snowman!

This is what’s wrong with this game people buying shit just because it’s there


Says more about the person than anything. If you buy something not knowing what it’s for or how to use it you have no impulse control and you are Scopelys target audience


For this and guess what Scopely finally gave me for Christmas this year:

Which weapon to choose? I’m leaning to Jesse cause I got Christa what you all think?

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Congrats @DJ_Rock :slight_smile: … u r in good bucket lol

Get blue one , that’s what I wud choose but also depends on ur team


Thx im in the heres a bait for you bucket to get Scopely-ed next llol but thx :smile:

Snowman purpose is to scam

Oh give me a break! It was $0.99 and I said I was looking for an actual snowman. This is why people are hesitant to ask questions on here. People love to put others down and act all know it all. Smh

Ivy’s gun is the best choice

Advice taken thanks:

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Fk me you bought something with no clue as to what it’s for (insert name here)


I’m afraid Duff mans comments are 100% totally valid bud

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So if the .99 purchase had smelling salts as the reward, you would have still bought it because it has a snowman on it?