What is the point of giving us red velvet cakes?

Most players don’t have Mercer or especially Zander. I personally had Olivia but her collection has been gone for a while. Will these older collections return and will new ones with easier to access toons pop up?


It will only get worse it is the scopely way or they will just stop them no warning


Makes it tough if you don’t have the toons. Would be nice if there were more options but I guess they’re rewarding the spenders


Has no one noticed that every new toon and every week they are adding old toons to the museum for the collection with red velvet cakes? They will help in the future. Keep them maybe a better six star will be released or get one of these six stars.

Because that way we have them for when a toon we all have shows up in the collection people act like they dont plan this stuff out. They like watching you all freak out “what’s this for” or “why would you give us this” then a week later nor so nobody’s complaining about it when you use them. The complaint should be “Why dont you communicate what THESE are going to be used for”


The toons are refreshing every week. Just keep the cakes until you have one of the toons.


They stay around…

Would’ve made sense to put up a BAC collection after war since a lot of people have him but no no can’t be that logical

Never got bac. Just Jeremiah’s and carls

It’s a nice snack

A lot lol like if they put up a blue Carl collection it’d make equal sense since a lot of players have him too but I personally never pulled him

The Mercer collection expired before I got the cakes from war lol it would’ve gave me enough ice creams to get 5* priya

Mercer was on a war wheel that many times its funny… fact all we get are dupes… well good use of them.

I really hope we get more red velvet cakes easily :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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turn in just popped where two toons where F2p lmao

Easy amber

Easy amber if you have the coins for the rest of the cakes

Or wait for next war? they all pop up again its not like are one off.

Yeh but these 2 were obtainable toons. Next time it could be 2 brand new premiers lol

Transparency about future toons they plan to use would be wonderful :grin:

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