What is the point of Choosing War Tokens?

Title. Why would someone in their right mind rather want 10 war tokens over 5 Walker heads. That’s just silly. It takes 1000 war tokens to open the wheel.


Because if you’ve maxed Kapoor Walker heads are of zero use?


10 war tokens also have zero use. It should be 100.

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True but they build up, by comparison 1,000,000 walker heads will still get you nothing lol


For hitting 150k milestone you get 30 boxes of 10. So 300 war tokens per war. Not even mentioning how many you get from placement boxes. I’m sitting on a few thousand from unopened boxes.

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Kapoor is beefy at tier 2. Only reason you need to max him is to make him a human beefy rock tank.

I mean I am all for them increasing reward quantity and quality but when you play actively they should accumulate rather fast.

Sadly, none from placement this time around. Because scopley.

I haven’t even looked at placement for this coming CRW, but seriously? No war tokens for placement?

I think you mean 1m half heads will get you nothing in the current game, but in some random collection a year down the line, all of a sudden they’ll « accidentally » be the currency meaning the lucky few will max it out in seconds.


Yeah, no mention of them on the blog post. CRW info

I guess they were replaced by trainers? I know a lot of people need trainers but to not have war tokens as placement rewards for war makes little sense

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Bradys as a war reward? Seriously? They’re so out of touch with their own game it’s unreal.


Now hope if a developer read these he is not mad on what I am saying, but it’s all because of laziness. They could code:

If player have S class Kapoor
then reward only War Token
else reward the choice crate

That’s kinda how the should do it but meh, I am not gonna criticise because I bet if they wanna do that they need remake WHOLE code for the game

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Because maxed out Kapoor can be inferior than some of the war wheel pulls.

Did you see the dev’s response on Discord to why they suddenly are removing war tokens?

“You’d rather have more 6* characters than trainers?”

Why not give players the option to choose. I’m sure some would rather pull from the wheel at a chance for a decent 6* over 10 or less Brady. Personally I still have a lot of trainer and I have thousands of war tokens so I’m kind of impartial, neither reward gives me too much benefit, but this tells me they won’t be continuing with the war wheel much longer if they are slowly removing tokens, and honestly what will their next war wheel update be? If it isn’t 5* or 6* of S Class toons or collectibles then the next wheel update is probably going to be lackluster.

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Why not give us both… not like they’ll give significant amount of either out to players. A few meagre war tokens hardly leads to mass or any pulls foe the majority… even if have out a 1000 trainers wouldn’t make much difference either as be gobbled up by sclass…

Issue remains that no-one involved from the company seem to play this game. As if did would better understand things


Well I said let us choose but getting both is better. I mean I’ve said for a long time they need to increase reward and milestones prizes to 4 slots per rank instead of 3 because of the huge amount of different items we need daily in this game. Add a 4th prize slot and put the war tokens/heads back.

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Anythings better then walker heads because Kapoor is a pile of dog shit.


The fact that a dev said that tho… I’m not cussing their work or anything but simply echo that they clearly don’t play own product.

Wouldn’t hurt them any to give both… with the choice being war tokens or heads AND trainers ad well as rest of stuff. As you highlight the amount of everything needed now to do anything is becoming the issue… even if spent a fortune would still not have what need so come full circle. If they gave a little more as rewards not just for playing but being customers then would go so far…