What is the new ascendables toons list this 9.3 update?


what are the new ascendables toons list this 9.3 update?


None as far as I know. They still have the “early 2018” list to finish.

They are adding 40-50 4 and 5 stars and 30 3 stars to the wheels so we can finish museum collections. Not even sure if that’s been added yet either.



I was not sure. But i thought they should add some toons to this list when update was out.

4-Star Alert: Rick “Days Gone Bye”, Amy, Eugene “A New Beginning”, Rosita, Richard “March to War”, Connor “All Out War”, Morgan “Fear the Hunters”, Olivia, Maggie “A New Beginning”, Lori, Kelly, Mark “All Out War”, Oliver

4-Star Tough: Carl “Miles Behind Us”, Joe Bob, Shayla, Dwight “Life and Death”, Mark “Starved for Help”, Gregory “Life and Death”, Carson, Shane “Days Gone Bye”, Sherry, Thompson, Carol “Days Gone Bye”, Cassidy

4-Star Strong: Joshua, Maggie “Miles Behind Us”, Chuck “Telltale Special Edition”, Heath “All Out War”, Wendy, Rod, Sandy “March to War”, Luke, Dusty, Tyreese “Safety Behind Bars”

4-Star Fast: Abbie, Tye, Denise, Aaron “All Out War”, Benji, Glenn “Days Gone Bye”, Siddiq

5-Star Alert: Donny, Glenn “Safety Behind Bars”, Abraham “Something to Fear”, Vernon “Telltale Special Edition”, Magna, Rocky, Heath “A New Beginning”, Rick “Safety Behind Bars”, Lopez, Timothy “A Larger World”, Joshua “The Road to Woodbury”

5-Star Tough: Lilly “Starved for Help”, Jason, Barker, Darius “The Road to Survival”, Eric “All Out War”, Bonnie, Siddiq “Call to Arms”, Major Gavin “Road to Survival, Edition #2”, Mark

5-Star Strong: Rosita “No Turning Back”, Glenn “A Larger World”, Abraham, Negan “All Out War”, Kenny “Around Every Corner”, Marcus, Siddiq “In Too Deep”, Martinez “Made to Suffer”, Earl “A New Beginning”, Rosa, Ezekiel, Margaret “Road to Survival, Edition #2”, Lee “No Time Left”

5-Star Fast: Gator, Annie, Clementine “Around Every Corner”, Joshua “Hardened Survivor”, Carley “Telltale Special Edition”, Ben “Telltale Special Edition”, Wilkins, Oberson “Telltale Special Edition”, Sophia “All Out War”

sorry english isn’t my main language, sometimes there is misunderstood.


There promised it, but Hey, Scopley Promises :upside_down_face:


Keep surviving


AND WERE STILL WAITING ON THE LIST! How much do you bet that it will suck?