What is the most expensive coin repair that you paid for or have a ss of

I know it goes 50 coins for the first repair, 100 coins for the second repair 200 coins for the third repair but I know it’s been some wild whale fights in this game just wanna know what’s the highest coin repair done in the game or where even a whale said fk that it’s not worth it was it or does it go up to 5000 coins for a single coin repair somebody has to know post those ss below

I’ve spent at least 300k gold repairing imaginary holes in my roster. :woman_shrugging:


Damn dude well I think my highest coin repair was 800 coins back in the day when that 5* command Maggie was the prize and 6* didn’t exist those was the days

i repair 3-4 times if its a big fight. Any more is just silly.

Sadly I’ve been in battles that cost $50

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In a match?!

I can’t recall more than 3-4 in a battle and it needs to be super close score to justify it. Of course when rage war sets in, who the hell has time to pay attention to that. Even the loss to AP I was in on I only recall 4. Teams just take a lot longer to cut through these days.

I have seen someone coin 7-8 times before. Though this usually means they are feeding more than scoring… Silliness

I don’t know the exact scaling but have heard a teammate in days past claim next repair would be 1000k+ coins. At which I told em they done enough.

1500 is the highest iv e gone

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Damn dude I seen a dude repair 12 times in a match I just wanna know if it cost over 2000 coins or what lol most it ever cost me was 800 coins but that’s as far as I’ve gone with it nothing really worth coining over these days I just do it sometimes to be a douche

200 coins / match I think

Mine was back in the day during the Lester war (first one) when he was new. We were #1 in the day and it was the first matchup against the #2 in the region. I know how that went back in the day, the winner of that first matchup was the one who asserted their dominance for the whole war. Over 100k on both sides and took all of timer. Man that was stupid. Now he sits riding pine and only used as filler for territories

100 coins is the most I’ve done. Don’t normally coin though bc pending trike :rofl:

Yeah that’s my cutoff point too dude but I’m waiting on that whale to show up here and be like I spent 10k coins on a single coin repair cause I got money like that and I’m a boss on this game

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yeah back in the 5* days and we matched a faction we hate, lets call them mrs b and mr azz, they coined like mad, remember see them repair like 7+ every war against them

Constantly coining is stupid.

It tops out not soon after 200, and that’s why nobody has the answer…know someone who did seven, and came close to that myself, 300 maybe top?

Oh jeez. I’ve done ten instas in a war for sure. In the old days, spending on cans and instas was the most fun part of the game. Back and forth hour long battles with everybody trying

I can’t even remember but one war I spent about $100 coining in the first crw the whole crw not one match.

I know dude warring these days for tokens sucks back then in those days we’d fight for unique toons like Erin but now it’s just coasting along how much does it cost to insta 10 times tho ?

No idea. I remember a $30 war that I’m sure you’ll chide me for, but it was well worth it. It was the first time anybody beat WAO in a war and was an epic battle.