What is the highest stat a weapon can have?

Hey everyone,

A faction mate of mine and I were talking and this topic came up. I have a toon with a 430 fixed weapon and he reported to me that he’d never seen that high of a value.

What is the highest value a fully modded weapon can have? For example, I have a lucky triple crit weapon for decap sandy.

Is 430 as high as it gets?


420 gets high :smirk: blaze it bruh


Yes 430 is the highest it can go without cheating


Yes, 430 is as high as it gets without shenanigans. I’m thinking it’s only possible on a fixed weapon, but not sure.


My highest weapon is that newish yellow rick…430…

Your sandy’s weapon is quite sexy.

Mine is not nearly as sexy :frowning:

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Maggie’s assault riffle from the event with her and John - double attack and +30 were starter stats so huge ap and +40 attack also 430. John’s axe would be able to do the same I think since ap down and + 30 attack on it as well


I have one!

How do you get them that high? Do yall have maxed out armories? I’m only at S5 I don’t see this op shit yet.

You treat Earl real nice

Yes (7 characters)

Most these toons now come with a desired special like double attack. So you now can make your 3 crafts on 2 slots which allows for higher grade in your weapon.


430 if you’re lucky. My best 430 is 6* Michonne’s gun. Next is Alpha’s chainsaw. I only have 4 weapons with that max upgrade.

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19 weapons at 410 or higher. A lot of it is just down to the volume of attempts


Does not have to be a fixed weapon, just a weapon that starts with a special stat and a max base stat like the New Threat Double Atk AK-47 or Maggie’s Assault Rifle.

Theoretically it could go above 430 if they release a weapon with a special and two max base stats but I’m not aware of any such weapon at this time


I got this one


I only got 422. No crit on the final Attack upgrade :expressionless:

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