What is the difference between slayer and raider when crafting weapons?

I am terrible at crafting weapons. I am trying to make a kick butt weapon for my 6* Dwight but don’t want to waste anymore tape experimenting. Thanks in advance

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Here is a list, I hope it helps! I have a few YouTube videos on weapons and such, shoot me a PM of you need anything :blush:


I recommend double attack weapon for dewhite.

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Double attack if u have enough parts.

If you wanna play it safe go with raider 3, all 3 crits are useable for dwight

Thank you so much that is a huge help

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No problem :blush:

If you have no good weapons i’d recommend using your tape and kits on raider weapons first, all 3 crits are useable to an extent

Thanks for being so helpful @Mamadeadhead, we most certainly appreciate it! <3 Just thought to give a heads up that the posted Alert Armoury Chart differs from mine for Supporter Level 3. I’m pretty sure it’s self-healing instead of team mate revive for the crit success.