What is the deal with Canteens and GPS?


is it me or have we forgotten about canteens and GPS? With all of the janky lvl tourneys, no one has anything to lvl up.


got lots 5s sitting at tier 3/4 two 6s set for tier 3 got me stuff


I got 3 gps 0 canteens, it’s been that way for a while


not a complaint, just curiousity.
They only check the forum to look for threads to delete


I’m expecting we will get one as a reward from CRW. But as RNG will be a factor as usual you will get exactly what you don’t need. I could really use 2 x GPS.


I think we are only getting 5* tokens, they’ve been giving them out like candy. it’ll be cool if there weren’t so many dupes


Was it 1 of each last crw for 1st and 2nd? Or just 2 rng crates? I can’t remember it’s been a while.


It was one of each for top 3 if I remember correctly (that’s what I got and I think we finished 3rd) and one bag of rng below


Yeah I believe this is correct. I’ve recently dropped out of our regions N1 faction so I’m only expecting to get one this time. Looks like I’ll have to pray for a GPS




are those the rewards for war?


yup sure is…calling it “token wars”


Sucks as usual


at least the rank rewards are tighter…11-25 instead of 11-100


Yes for the Blitz war. Its Always been this way.


but only top 50 get any…


Top 50 factions. You have more than that waring in your region?


has it? havent been paying attention to the sham “rewards” for the last 6 months


yes a lot more than 50


not worth the time