What is the deadest region on rts?

I wanna go there and die


You killed Jenkins. Go full circle, go there to die.


I made Jenkins better cleaned all the scum out haha

If youre serious check out bipenis or macunt both are dead regions, cpl factions left.

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Those aren’t even real regions army brat cmon man I just wanna find a dead region and retire my account in it ( so yeah I’m serious )

Cherokee is really Dead. So Dead, that Scope didn’t even bothered to run Walker Hordes there.

The deadest regions are closed to inbound transfers. Just pick a Low activity region and die there.

I’m talking about the deadest region that i can transfer into dude ( open to inbound transfers )

Which is the lowest activity region you know of dude ? Well besides that rat hole Jenkins

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Lamar [EN] ? Thanks dude anyone else feel free to offer suggestions to my final resting place on rts

Dracula vibes


Etowah 2 active factions

Danggg the hate for Jenkins is real lol

Jenkins is the most toxic and disturbed region on rts dude my actions towards those people were completely justified

Correction: was. Most of the toxic elements are gone and Jenkins is a shell.

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Just depot your toons and uninstall. Problem solved.


Nah Jenkins still has leftover shitty people I visited today you finally got 3rd without what’s her face carrying you all every war so congrats dude

retire your forum account so you do not do any more comments for trolling