What is the advantage?

Ok I am at a loss as far as why this game is handled the way it is as far as announcements for events… You have a forum… You have two community managers. Seriously we cannot get any info prior to an event starting - wouldn’t u want to build hype by announcing events prior to vk leaking them? Instead we must wait for vk to leak it. I am just at a loss. It even seems the community managers are left in the dark on most topics.


I doubt it will every change.

It won’t and I don’t blame our CM’s. Something tells me they are kept in the dark just like the rest of us.

Not sure if you’re serious, but vk is like Russian Facebook

By whom though? @Wanderer’s not known to hold back from anyone

Haha I definitely lay it all out there.

From my perspective I think the community builds too much hype and let’s itself down. So it’s probably less rage if things just happen and you don’t give folks a chance to build it up for themselves.

Or. Events are all loaded on a server. And a rng program is used to decide on what’s next. So like their pull system… No one truly knows what next.

no one knows but vk…

Maybe the new guy and JB became homies eating Nacos and root beers playing table hockey :grinning: I picture something like 21 jump street.

Totally agree, why else would Scopes continue to allow vk to do the shit they do

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Same reason I don’t want an ascendable list. I would always get mad waiting for Scopes to make one of my 5*s ascendable. Now I don’t care

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