What is the #1 prize you want?


We all know what we don’t want (see 50 other threads on this weekends “prizes”) but what do you want as #1-10 prizes if you could design the tournament?

For me it would be;

#1 - New ascendible 5*, 3 bags of 6* gear

#2 - Green ascendable Carl, because he evades me at every turn and would be key to my 6* melee team :disappointed: And 2 bags of 6* gear

#3 to #10 - 10k 5* tokens, more useful at this point than another new 5* non ascendible character.


A bunch of Benedicts, tape and pks, tokens or parts for whatever special event is going at the time, a bag similar to the one in collection right now, just maybe with fewer complete garbage wrapons, 4 star weapon tokens, even elite character tokens since you are eventually guaranteed a 5 star from them, rush and active skill trainers would be the only other things, obviously don’t need to have them all at the same time.


More Benedicts for sure. He seems to be AWOL of late


They just need to double the rate they make ascendable characters.That way they can keep releasing new ones and old ones.


Tokens for the current event seems like a no brainer. I was fine continuing with the 5* tokens. Whether they are fodder or I don’t have them it is still fun. Not including the tokens for the current event is just strange.


@unknown I actually thought it was a bit odd they were not included in these events.


#1: Sandy 5* (The 6* one) - 4 bags (Ultimate gear) - 3 boxes (Ulises or Lilith)
#2: 10 Benedicts - 3 bags (Ultimate gear), 2 boxed (Ulises or Lilith)
3-10#: 5 Benedicts - 2 bags (ultimate gear), 1 box (Ulises or Lilith)
Well, we need Benedicts to ascend. We need more Ulises, shiet m8, those are so hard to find in some tournament as reward.


Agreed. Tokens for a running event should be a no-brainer as milestones at least. And I would have expected Plastic Pieces as raid drops as well, seeing as you need the insane amount of 25k for even a single pull. Guess those options make too much sense for Scopely to consider them?

But other than that: I’d like to see Benedicts as rewards more. Not using my 5* characters to ascend for now as I don’t have many dupes/useless 5*s. And they are also useful to level up those hungry 6 stars if you have enough fodder to ascend, so to me they always seem useful.


1st place - New asc toon which we can get from ascend 4* to 5*, mooore tokens and bag with 8 Dicks :wink:
2nd place - Asc toon like Carl or good lead skill will be good, tokens and bag with 6 Dicks :wink:
3rd place - Asc toon without lead skill, something like Siddiq or Yumiko, tokens and bag with 4 Dicks :smiley:
4th-10th- Just some tokens, gear and 3 Dicks imo :blush:


For Scopley to fix their boring game.


I want a gold radio that gives acces to a 4* weapon parts roadmap for 48 hours (could replace mixed bag of PK & DT) @kalishane


I was thinking about this as the Faction assault was announced and was thinking, what would be a good prize for beating Tank assed Negan, and his minions, I was thinking

×Elite tokens for the weakest maybe a weapon token.
×Ultra Gear, 4 star weapon tokens for second in command
×The third boss, 6 star gear (tripods, wrist watch, radio ect.)
×Negan All the tier 4 gear a six star needs to go further beyond.

That being said, maybe new tokens to be made? Primer token, 5 star coin (just need one to pull a 5 star instead of 10k) prestige coin (catching on?) That is some of whst I got going on. Lol not saying it would happen, but it would be pretty sweet.


i want for first :pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes:


A mixed crate of stun/impair/AD/ap down weapons. Some 6* gears
10k 5* tokens or a good toon (red clementine is not a good toon)

Ascension tokens (both)
5 elite tokens
5 elite weapon tokens


Bennies, ascendable epics and t4 gear for 6*s :slight_smile:


As I usually get first, I’d prefer a stun gun or -30 stick.


Id love more Bennys… and 1.2 years of life credited back to me