What is skybound games?


So apparently they are taking over Clems ending… so what’s exactly is skybound cause they dont directly make games do they?




That is great news. Glad we are going to get a proper ending for Clem. Who knows if it does well enough maybe we even get another season. :smiley:


It’s not that hard to be better than Telltale. I do think a Bethesda telltale game would be cool, tho.


Ah yes im sure Todd Howard of Bethesda will make sure there’s absolutely no bugs


So true but Fallout is probably my favorite series of games even with all the bugs. Elder scrolls is fantastic too. No one makes open world games like them.


Can’t be any buggier than your average telltale game, either.
plus bugs give bethesda games their charm


Skybound is Robert kirkman’s commercializing business of his various. He’s the author of the walking dead.
They licence stuff


Bethesda and TellTale are my 2 favorite studios, buuuuut… I don’t know. TellTale is primarily story driven and that’s always been one of Bethesda’s weakest aspects. They’re 2 very different styles.


If you could combine old Bioware storytelling (think Baldurs Gate / Dragon Age Origins) with Bethesda’s ability to make open world games (Fallout / Elder Scrolls) you would have had a hell of a game.

Nevermind we had that game it was the Witcher 3 and it was fantastic. Can’t wait for Cyberpunk from Cd Projekt Red.

New Fallout looks to be crap with its focus on multiplayer and complete lack of NPC storytelling. We will see. It’s also almost been 7 years since Skyrim. Where the hell is the Elder Scrolls? Damn.


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