What is ppls opinion on walkering territories

I do it for league points but I heard it’s not nice to do so

Think it’s a dick move. Doesn’t cost any points to place a team. My guys get fussed at if they do and I’m in top faction


I was about to type the exact same thing


Lol… it is

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who cares

give this guy a L

for legend

or loser

forgot.which one is right

Definite dick move, can get those same trophies from just clearing the walkers as well , then it resets and you can do it again


I feel like I’m feeding a troll here. It’s widely regarded as ‘not cool’.

I see it as wasteful, selfish, and short-sighted.

It’s wastful because Scopely is essentially giving something for nothing here, and every hour that a territory is white, nobody is collecting. Scopely rarely gives anything for free, and when they do we should work together to maximize the amount distributed (unless it involves exploiting a bug, which I’m against).

It’s selfish because by walkering territories, you’re putting your own needs ahead of everyone in your region. You’re basically saying your league standing is more important than other players’ gaming experience.

It’s short-sighted because when you purposely cause frustration for other players in your region, they’re going to leave the region and/or the game. Long-term, it’s better for RTS as a whole to not purposely cause disruptions.


I dont see an issue with it what so ever



For this reason.

It causes a lot of unnecessary unrest and arguments in regions.

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When limited terries are around having white terries is understandable.

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Do whatever you want :woman_shrugging:t5:

I think it depends on the region and what’s happening in the game.

Most of the time, Walker territories are inefficient. However, if there are milestones for winning territory battles, Walker regions benefit the whole region. Everything being continuously shielded with super def teams doesn’t help anyone. Also, if there are newer players out there mixed in, giving them a chance to beat something again helps the region.

I believe there is an increased chance at liliths so I don’t complain if I go for walkered territories and I don’t think using it as an excuse to effectively bully those perceived to be walkering is pleasant or necessary. I generally avoid discussions about walkering territories because it’s very often not nice and an excuse tone unpleasant. The obsession some people have with complaining on gc every day also makes me avoid some of the individuals doing it and their factions because there’s something wrong with their behaviour.

Plus, they are a small part of the game and a distraction from what’s really important.

Also, if terries weren’t meant to be walkered, scopely would let us put a defence team in EVERY time we won, not restrict it to three. That energy has to go somewhere for trophies.

The game was designed to have that happen in the natural course of competition. Play the game and compete however you want, i think its all fair.

If i want a territory ill just try my best to hit and take it, i dont sweat whether its red or white, or whether theres an easy or hard team in.

And i certainly wont place expectations on opponents to ‘keep it warm’ for me by keeping it red color with an easy team in.

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It’s a shit move you can clear walkers for points be a part of the solution not the problem.

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Ok what if I don’t walker but put like a 1 star team in


Do what you want. Remember it’s just a game that people take way too seriously.

Right before you get all high and mighty remember some of us actually like to farm the walkers, the more the merrier

Yeah cause it is so hard to find one walkeree territory…