What is nightmare SR?

How will it differ from the regular Solo SR tourney?

More stages und harder enemies

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50 stages and very hard ennemies and 1 point per scene

It’s crapper and longer… unless got the team and the cans it’s exercise in futility and simply doing what can



Here are the pieces of information related to Nightmare Challenge that was communicated at the time of launch of the event.

Nightmare Challenge Event Format

The format of Nightmare Challenge is similar to other Survival Road tournaments with the following updates:

  • The difficulty at all stages is significantly higher and both milestone and rank rewards are significantly increased
  • The base amount of Survival Road points awarded for every stage will be 1. Thus, completing uncompleted stages will be the best way for players to amass points for rank rewards
  • Each Survival Road level (Bronze, Silver, Gold etc) will now have 50 stages in Nightmare Challenge (instead of the standard 25 stages at each level)

Are there any changes/improvements to the format?

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I doubt it.


Complete wank if there’s not been any changes to it…


Well it looks like, as far as the game is concerned…


Yay nightmare survival road! :face_vomiting: Can’t wait…


so no changes at all from last time?

People disliked it cause of the higher number of stages, didn’t you said you care about the community ?


Scopely new event deployment model

  1. Release new event

  2. Ignore feedback on new event

  3. Wait for ages and hope people have forgotten about event

  4. Release event, unchanged from the first time

  5. Repeat Step 2


Hi @GR.Scopely appreciate the efforts. However, some of the feedback of the last event were:

  1. No map rewards beyond stage 25
  2. Rewards were so so

If you guys are also throwing out sandwiches and pies, ok its not so bad. If not, then horrible event again.

Thanks for the info everyone.

It’s trash
Would be decent at 25 stages per level, but 50x5 at the higher difficulty and with limited time… trash


Worse rewards i assume

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42 hrs isn’t that much time to finish. More SR refill rewards would be a good help for us to finish IMHO

And it suddenly came to me that I remember the last time. Like this one, not enough time to finish with natural energy. Must buy refills or survival bags/bundles. Either coin or open the wallet just to finish. I don’t pay to play. I pay to win if I open the wallet! Depending on region, that won’t improve the odds of getting in top 5 really. Those rewards better be worth it for the money players will spend to get top position

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It’s a nightmare

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