What is next event?


Anyone know what the next event is? I’m sure it’s a lvl up, but is there any info on a start time?


Dual event, faction level up running simultaneous with solo level up, every time you level something you have to choose where the points go


I get you think it’s funny, but it’s quite annoying to ask a genuine question and get a sarcastic answer.


We don’t know bruh, calendar isn’t updated and it’s not vk yet. It’s annoying when people ask the same questions week in and week out when the could do a little searching themselves instead of asking everyone else to do it for them. That is annoying.


Info on VK comes 1 hour before the events start, sometimes sooner


Amen…every week same time, same questions. My favorite are the ppl that say they don’t see anything on vk yet…where did they think the info comes from 🤷🤦


Wouldn’t be surprised if it started right after SR ended…


hmmm I not a betting man but I’ll place 1m food on slut

but I’ll prolly be wrong and it’ll be a region wide war, against all regions for a week, with 1000 3 year pulls for all players


but I have to agree with most people, if you know that you get calendars approved on Tuesday every week, why dont you get the calendar going to monday… just logic


Solo level starts in 1 hour. Solo raid at 5 pm pst




Spoil sport. Make these lazy guys work for their information. Not like it’s hard to work out the web address to VK (and that’s ignoring that their website is plastered over every single one of their screenshots)


Qual o site pra VK?


It is written in purple writing across the screenshots above


Because Scopely are…


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