What is Leons weielding

At first I thought it a alien dildo then I thought alien probe then I just thought wtf is that anyone know what this wepon is called because I want to know if it even exists


Definitely alien dildo


Many of the weapons in the game are cobbled together from random parts to make a weapon, so it can be likely that Leon’s knife thing was alien dildo technology until Earl formed it into whatever that is

So you’re confirming Earl was handling an alien dildo at some point in time?

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Looks similar to Charlie’s weapon.

Not sure but if they don’t have that weapon when you use them than why show it there

I don’t care
I’m making my own post giving scopely a chance to prepare in their hq

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Shawn’s backbone

Now we need someone to post Roxies weapon that we’re not getting also. I hope they do come out with her weapon at least because her rush is ok but if we get 50% chance to gain 100% ap she’d be legit

It looks like a knife with a bayonet attached. I hope it’s not, because that would be f-ing stupid

X2 chances… to stab

X2 chances to get stuck in whatever the target is. Probably a lot more actually since the knives aren’t perfectly aligned

Well look at him, he’s no survivor. Keep that hair short Clem, Lee would die seeing that

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Image result for tuning fork

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A serrated tuning fork

Nicer- slicer- dicer 3k

I think it is Riven’s broken sword