What is good rewards

I hear all over the board that the rewards are bad.
Cant go fforward with the word bad alone. Please elaborate
What is it you want to be pleased
Level up

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S class choice boxes for all ranks( more items for 1,2,3 place 4-10, 11-20, 21-50,51-100 and above)
Special collectibles which can trade into coins
Collectibles which can trade into trainers or gear

A few examples


Choice of S Class items in milestones (increase them to 500k) and gear, war wheel tokens, for rank. War wheel needs to have new toons


Anything choice boxes with S-Class collection items and gear boxes


milestone rewards, please replace any trainer like burt, brady, and basil to SClass collectibles choice boxes or more torches, and please add more league points too, add the quantity i mean.


No, imo, S Class collection boxes should not be for all ranks as then they are just low participation rewards - should be in the later milestones to promote good engagement however.

1-2 130 collection boxes (that is 1.3-2.6% of an S Class, so not much) should be in every tournaments last 1-2 milestones, there is no reason or excuse why they are not.

Also the league token rewards need to be multiplied by 5-10 with the amount of gear required now.


I remember when events gave toons. Those were the good days

Almost this. I agree that Sclass collectables shouldn’t go all the way down the prizes. But it should be top 30 or 50. And most certainly in milestones.
I mean if hitting that last milestone only puts you at 76th placement with over 3 hours to go, then top 50 can’t be told that they aren’t participating enough:

Plus where ever you see a trainer in rewards… Multiply it by 10 (at least). Whenever you see Gear in rewards… Multiply it by 5 (at least). Whenever you see torches… Multiply by 3 to 5.


Да согласен награды надо разместить более равномерно. Потому что топ 3, это почти всегда либо читеры, либо донатеры.
Поэтому предметы S-класса хотя бы для ТОП-50.
Отменить нафиг легендарные территории. Иначе кроме ТОП-2 фракций ими никто не пользуется. И догадайтесь в каких фракциях первый десяток снимающий сливки?

Вот как на войне, плюшки получают все более менее активные участники. Просто кто-то больше а кто-то меньше. Но получают.

Yes, I agree the awards should be placed more evenly. Because top 3, it is almost always either cheaters or donators.
Therefore, S-class items at least for the TOP-50.
Cancel nafig legendary territory. Otherwise, apart from the TOP-2 fractions, no one uses them. And guess in which fractions the top ten skim the cream?

That’s how in war
buns get increasingly less active participants. Just someone more and someone less. But they get it.


Choice boxes for every rank and…
Once again: 4 rewards slots per milestone and rank !
Game has 4 years it need to be changed! :confused:


S Class items should NOT be rank based but milestone based to promote activity. Otherwise people will just stay in a dead region, score 1mil in level up, or 1200pts in raid and finish top 50. Same thing for war.

Rank can be gear (or even better league trophies to buy whatever), Benedicts (much more than currently given), special gear to claim toons from museum, etc


S class items in milestones for sure (and plz don’t be 10 or 30 )… make one milestone of S class choice box in middle of all milestones . That wud b fair
First 4 mile slots with torches and 5th one with S items choice box . And I also disagree with S items being given except rank 1 to 3 … bcoz that lowers our chances to see S items in miles. And raids rank rewards should have same rewards as lvl up rewards, that is 2k s items for rank 1


If the quantities are small enough the participation award aspect won’t matter. Have 51+ be 30 and 251+ be 10, and it will help people a little but not matter that much. It would still feel like you’re making progress somehow, and most importantly, it would give people a reason to push a little if they’re at rank 51, or rang 151 etc. The way it is now, if you’re not top 3 at least, it might be better to get the lowest rank rewards - at least you will have fewer Ulysses clogging up your roster/inbox.


You’re kidding, you can, because there are people who spend hours playing to win a prize trash, put the choice boxes in all settings only decrease the amount of collectibles

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I would like to see some a class choice boxes in milestones. Right now in nearly all events - raid, level up, survival road it’s only for top 3. I would like to see this expanded to top 10 and the change in items could be: 1 = 2000 same as before, 2-3 = 750 and 4-10 = 275 that 2-3 currently get.

Even in war they have added in some choice boxes for s class items at a milestone level (later). I also think that if they decide to keep s class items for top 3 in an event they need to change them to choice boxes else people are not motivated to really compete if they don’t want or already have said item.

More league tokens need to be available with the new gear requirements for s class toons. Everyone is facing this bottleneck and instead of having increased tokens we have increased … feathers atm

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Dr. Pepper

On a serious note, anything involving gear, trainers, and medals. God knows how we’re lacking on all 3.


Can I double like


That’ll unlike. ._.


Just an opinion, but I hope that someone feels the same…
We really need a progression system, that when you reach say S10+ you stop receiving 3* toons and weapons from basic tokens, and start getting trainers (2-3*) and 5* toons, not ascendables, never ascendables since it’s “basic tokens”, but some “basic” stuff after you reach a certain point it’s trainers and 5* fodder.

First, why basic tokens? Because War. In war you can farm them like crazy, and it’s effectively a somewhat f2p method of farming, either token/refills/some low gear and will make fighting in war (at least to me) less than a nuisance when you are a in a normal f2p/not fully competitive faction, and the big whales wouldn’t benefit from it like crazy, so it’s kind of a win-win situation.

Now, why 5* fodder? Since S-class was introduced well… you need to ascend twice to get 1 S-Class and well… that’s 16 5*…

Other than that, Silver/Golden medals are needed, and more 6* gear as well.

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Marking the gap wider it should at least be in the top 250 if not that make another reward section and add it their like rank 125 to 50 or something