What is going on?

They give us one good event where we could get a ton of trainers and gold ect. Then they take it all back, with constantly bad pulls and events. Hoards is taken away again. Now even the weekend war?? That is literally the only reason i still play, only enjoyable part of this game. But no, they force another lvl up on us, knowing that people have to pay. Because there is no time to save up for faction level up. Atleast give us AOW WAR!


7 straight weekend of war were enough


For those in toc maybe. But the ready of us have been screwed over again


Also nothing to level up. No toons as part of collections. Tokens for bullshit RNG rewards. Already have poomanov and i have 40k plushes. Never get the prem toon on pulls cos i have an unlucky account so yeah great

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Day 50 of 70 of a 6 toon war wheel

Iā€™m gonna pretend you just said there should always be a lvl up running. As for events, they are straight garbage

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