What is going on with raids?

My toons that should hit 2 enemies with their AR are hitting three (Donny and Christa), enemies that don’t have full ar are rushing, and just now my RED donny impaired someone when attacking.


Vids or it didnt happen lol


I’ve seen some oddities like this myself. Extra toons getting stunned or confused from a rush for example. No proof, but several times ive found myself thinking what the hell…? Doesn’t seem to happen a lot, so i just wrote it off as maybe i missed something else that happened. Will be watching more closely now though

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Should lockdown or that other content creator post more vids? I noticed you didnt respond after those. Is it hard to believe scopely messes things up?


I made a thread about the 3 hits when they should be 2, some people posted videos, it is def a thing right now


I think he meant it sarcastically.

I dont record raids but I will try to from now on. The first times it happened I wrote it off as me going insane but there’s definitely something wrong - at the very least, the two hit AR hitting three people is a proven bug.

No I totally believe it after reading the Michelle one I noticed her doing it as well. Just saying some can be explained others are legit bugs. Just helps to let others look at it as well

Lol, my christha stun a green wayland using a stun on defense weapon

The bugs will increase, the mess ups will increase, rewards will decrease, events will change or be late or be canceIed, etc. Etc. Etc. All to distract from the buckets. Mark my words.

I have had a LOT of really strange things going on in my raids too. In one, everytime the AI used an active skill, it healed all team for 1.8k each, rather annoying after the 3rd time. Also had enemy rushes when they where not at max AP.
The one i get EVERY raid is status effects from enemies bouncing off my team and back onto the enemy team, as this is really funny and quite often helpful i’m fine with it staying. I’m sure this has something to do with reflect weapons/mods reflecting more then just damage.

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