What is going on with matchmaking?

Who can explain what issues are happening with matchmaking? Early it was more various, and now we have to wait up to 15 min until we are going to find any faction for war. From now on we are waitin untill top 1 faction will end their war and find us mostly. After a few hours this leads to a huge difference on the leaderboard up to 100 points.
BTW they are using cheats (s9++, unlimited gold … ), also many of them has been baned recently so they have almost half of the faction filled with twinks, which gains top positions in the battle with us (our rank s4 and their twinks s+).
Please help us to solve this proble because whats the sence to assendense new chars, buy promo and so on if its not gonna help us in war because we always play with those cheaters and no normal factions?


How many factions are active in war in your region?

42 in general, 10 always active

So these other 40, having the same problem as your faction?

Not only we have to wait like 15 mins to find opponent, we got until now the same faction 5 times, 3 of them in a row. We’re getting tired Scopely.


Problem is they dont care. Not even a teany tiny bit.

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It’s shiet. zzzzzZZZZZ

Horrible we fight the same 2 factions over and over we are currently fighting one of them for our 8th time out of 10 .

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I’m playing the game almost a year so I know they don’t care lol I’m not having any hopes or high expectations.

Same here but why shouldn’t we. I Never heard of a company that treats their customers so poorly. If they don’t like it then they delete it and yet for some reason we all keep playing and they keep making money.

Must be subliminal messages. Thats whats really behind all these pop up “deals”. :wink:

explain me this please. 1 defeat of invictus is against us ( nemesis ). So invictus met Alexandria just 2 or 3 times.
The other side we fight everetime alexandria, and no one can can beat them in our region ( talladega )

@kalishane ???

My guess would be Invictus doesn’t hit search until #1 is already in a match.

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