What is factored in

So what decides who places where here? Rank 100, 101 and 102 all have the same score on the same stage , but one has been chosen to receive more rewards than the other 2

@kalishane @CombatDevIl

I believe it was stated before that it goes to whomever got that score first.

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No. If it’s like level tourneys, it’s purely random. Confirmed by Scopely on old forums.


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I have the screenshot of support saying that it’s whoever gets there first. It’s on my computer so I’ll post it later when I’m home. If support is correct or not well that not up to me to decide

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It’s apparently whomever gets there first … However, that doesn’t seem to apply to battle rewards during war. Meaning, I have been tied for most points (And arrived there first) and gotten a war tank, and plenty of times, I’ve gotten a Raid can instead.

The same Chaos seems to apply for players tying for second place, 3rd place, etc …

It’s not exactly the most important thing in the world, since either me or my factionmate is getting the “better” reward, but I would love to understand why this seems to be random lol

In game support should rarely be relied on to give accurate information. I have always seen it go to who got the the score most recent. Happens in a SR tourney. I went from second place down 1,200 points. Did one repeat level and tied the 1st place guy BUT i was now 1st and he fell for 2nd

I’ve only tied once and as mentioned above it was a solo lvl up I’m not sure if this applies for scores in all modes or if this has been changed since it happened

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Are we sure it doesn’t go to the player who has spent the most coins lifetime in a tie? :wink:

First to score the amount seems like the fair way to do it. Hope that is the case.


Not to be a ass but just cause support says something doesn’t mean it’s right. In fact it’s almost always usually wrong. :joy:
I have lost a tie for first personally after reaching the score 1st by a wide margin of time. It was a 3 way tie when it happened to me and the only way i could see placing was possibly determined was by alphabetical order.

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I never said support was right. I was sharing my experience to help twisty avoid disappointment.

@CombatMan in the case of a tie of scores, is the higher rank given to

the person who reached the score first?
The person who reached the score most recent?

It’s not the most important information but seeing everyone’s differing opinions and experiences I would like to know for sure

I can assure you that the daily SR leaderboard is not based on “first come first served”. My F2P faction mate had a great time goading our local whales when he displaced them all on Stage 400 and is sitting at Number 1.

Someone suggested that we all have a hidden player ID number, and that the last sort probably comes down to numerical order.

I experienced this in a solo raid tournament last week. Score-wise I was tied for 1st place, however it showed me being in first while the other guy was in second. Not only was he the first to reach that score, I can also say that the person placed in second is a whale, and certainly spend way more than I.
So it does appear to be random.