What is everyone up to with the gold bars?

I don’t know if I have been getting the right amount as I have been watching the amount and I think it has being going up as 5 even though I collect it from the offers and I complete the roadmap every day.

u are ok

Ok I just feel like I ain’t getting enough could just be me

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I’m 11 bars ahead, though my Survivors club ran through the event for a couple of days and I missed 1 map

I’m 10 behind you but pretty sure I’ve missed a couple of the free ones because it’s been hidden by a whole raft of “amazing” offers.

35 days on the timer means 340 minimum knives in addition to today’s (assuming last ones end 24 hours before collection). So anyone with less that 13 claims and 20/40 after today might be in trouble…

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I’m 5 bars behind the OP, quite annoying really but it was a war weekend and just missed it.

Be a bit irritating if i’ve cocked it up by missing 1

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I think you can be on 20/40 towards your 14th knife and definitely make it. Not much breathing room though

You’d like to think they’d still have knives available after the collection ends, but suspect it would cost you


Your 11 bars ahead what happened to retiring


Hm, 15/40; I wonder how this happened - I think I remember missing either the free offer or the roadmap on a war day, but no idea where the full missed day comes from.

Are the gold radios the same as the ones they handed out last year for the gold mod map? Look like it from the inventory, but I don’t want to waste one to try. If so, I have 3 which would get back over the line @Kanaima suggested and give me the tiniest amount of breathing room (or I might skip the final knife, would have to think about it)

Wait so you guys are behind me I though I wasn’t getting enough though or it didn’t seem like I was

Yep, 5 bars behind after i missed on during the last war.
Seems a bit slow going until t4, got another 35 days left…

I’ve been getting screwed out of my gold radios lately so I’m a bit behind.

In retrospect though I should have taken the jackass with the stop sign instead of Christa. My defense is melee based.

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I have SC, but I did miss like 4 days at beginning, so maybe I’m 1 or 2 behind some people.

I don’t get them in all regions. They seem to stop being claimable about 4 hours before the next lot are available for free. I’m not impressed with that.

Need 4 more knives

I’m 5 behind or 5 ahead. I get 45 each knife so I’ve missed or gotten extra. Lol.

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4/12 Knives

11/40 Gold Bars

3 short of T4