What is everyone plans for an apocalypse? Just curious?

So cause the chances of a apocalypse are looking pretty much guaranteed. What is everyone’s plans.My plans is to secure Warwick castle cause it’s a gosh damn castle.
so anyway what’s your plans


Get bitten within the first 30 seconds and wonder why it isn’t like the video games


Take over the nearest Bass Pro and live off banana taffy


Skip the part where try be nice an straight up murder folk who piss me off or get in my way… obtain as much water an canned food and dry food an hold out for as long as possible… want help feck off want shelter feck off… want anything feck off… keep head down my family safe and try survive.

Edit: probably die immediately and that’ll just ruin my apocalypse frankly


Nothing is guaranteed… The universe could end tomorrow and you would not even notice it…

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Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this to all blow over.


We live in a community on the lake. Surrounded on three sides by water with one way in the community and one way out. Lots of guns lots of ammunition and lots of food. By the way I don’t know how are guaranteed an apocalypse…

I should have said one road in and one road out. Across the water we were looking about 900 to 1000 yards to the closest landfall.

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Tin foil hat time guys and gals



I plan on buying shoes … lots and lots of shoes

And then go find a warm corner and drink lots of White Russians in my new shoes :innocent:


If it’s the apocalypse you could just take them… although appreciate the manors and courteous approach of still buying things

Shoot… I didn’t even think of that. My oh my the amount of shoes I’m suddenly envisaging …

Edit: hate to admit it but I would probably still leave the money for them…

No-one will want nice shoes so can literally fill ya boots… I’ll see myself out with that one

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To protect my Wife and kids with any means necessary.

Alright so I’ve thought about this quite a lot when I’ve been high and heres my plan…

Locally we have a small retail park which is made up of two restaurants. A supermarket. A pet store. A large pharmacy and a hugeeee hardware store selling all sorts of crap from bbqs to chainsaws etc etc…

So my plan is to get myself, my family, a few carefully selected bad ass friends and my dogs to the hardware store. It has HUGE shutters so obviously I’d put them down first. Here we will make our weapons. There’s nail guns available already so…winner. I’d shield up some of the forklift trucks and put big dirty spikes on em. These will be used to make trips to the other shops for supplies. I have everything I could need here. Med supplies, food, food for my dogs…

Obviously other humans will be blow torched to death on sight. This is my little retail park and yall can foooook off.

Forgot to mention…the bbqs will be used to cook said food that I’ve looted from the surrounding shops.

Also there is a huge car park so plenty of vehicles for me to choose from


Whoah (7 chars)

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Get Drunk. Get High. Then Die.


Any supermarket would get raided to f* so you would have a hard time fighting them off. I hope that u got some really bad ass friends :wink:

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Simple and to the point. I like it. :joy:

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I do. And its kinda in the middle of nowhere so unless everybodies first thought is to drive there to raid it…i think I’m safe lol

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