What is a whale?

Since all I see on the forums are people saying they’re free-to-play and accusations of others being whales (and who cares honestly), has anyone ever defined what a whale is? Occasionally I’ve seen people say they’re mild or moderate spenders but that’s much more rare.

It is purely amount spent? Luck? Attitude?

Let’s figure this out.


Max prestige = whale
And they continue to spend. I’ve spent way too much and I’m not nearly a whale. More of a baby shark do do doo


Trust me, there’s whales who aren’t even close to p13. Just depends on your playstyle pre-6*s.

I think it is a combo of money spent and attitude, the people who buy everything like buy tubes to get Maggie or John fast even tho they wont ever use them, it’s just the fact they have to spend money. Then i think it is also the elitist attitude, the “im perfect and untouchable” mindset and the mindset that “winning” in a video game is impressive or worth a damn. Little do they know they lose to scopely and they lose a lot lol


I spent £0.99 on an offer once, so basically by the bianry definitions pedelled on these forums, I am a P2W whale…


Sounds more like a sucker than a whale to me.

Whales are competitors that pay a lot. No matter prestige because a whale could be born post 6 era and not yet P13.

I’d say that anyone cashing in regularly for wining en event and/or pulling toons is a whale.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whale :slight_smile:


Whale = People that has most of the P2P charachters. Always gets new ones just to fill up the roster. Also buys offers for limited time wheels.
Think that’s enough.

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I don’t think whales should be looked down upon. If someone enjoys a hobby (in this case a game) and have the option to pay extra to enjoy it even more, what’s wrong with that? And no, I’m not a whale so I’m not trying to defend myself.


Whale = someone with more roster or a better player or luckier player than themselves.


Quick insight as to where the term “whale” comes from.

Whales are simply people who pour large amounts of money into a game. No more no less.



By simply quitting this week I estimate I saved myself $300. I had a p13 account and probably would have tried pulls for glenn and more pulls for alice

Shave the Whales. eww no don’t


a big sea animal, or someone who eats at McDonalds daily :slight_smile:


Its surprisingly easy become a spender or “whale”. Let’s say your in an active faction mixed with spenders qnd f2p. But your faction and you are competing with success in events.
You might try a 10 pull here and there and get lucky on some pulls with good toons.
From there you try more 10 pulls that turn into max pulls because hey I did 3 10 pulls and got a good toon so may as well make it a max pull.
Then you get hosed and maybe try another max pull.
By now you have experience spending up to $200 on pulls for a toon ans you are likely getting useful toons as well.
Next you might try for an op new toon and now its takin 4 or 5 max pulls but it’s the one missing piece to make your def or atk the best it can be so you do it. Now you are going to need weapons and trainers to level.
This cycle just continues ans it’s easy not to even notice how much money and energy you are spending on the game.
I’d say I was spending $1000 a month or more when I had the funds available. It just becomes a part of your routine to see what scops is offering and if it fits your needs its tempting to go for



Your whalecum


Whales gathering round the latest and best promo toon available


I’m f2p and love whales. Smacking around their defense teams without spending a dime is one of the few fun things left in this game.